High River United Church of High River, Alberta

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Sunday Morning Worship at 10:00 am 

(children & youth programs at same time)

Join us In-Person
or by Livestream on the High River United Church Youtube Channel.     

or watch a recording of the service at your convenience.

If you wish to join us by Zoom, please contact the church for info.

Print copies of the weekly bulletin (order of service) and sermons are below.



Why would we want to align ourselves with God's purpose in the world?


Sunday, May 26 - Trinity Sunday 

Scripture: Galatians 5:22-6:10

Bulletin: May_26_2024.pdf

Sermon: coming soon

Generosity in Mission: "Your Generosity Is Refreshing" click here


Sunday, May 19 - Pentecost 

Scripture: Acts 2:1-8 The Holy Spirit comes & the church is born

Bulletin: May_19_2024__Pentecost.pdf

Sermon: no sermon - watch the conversation between Rev. Susan & Rev. David on HRUC youtube.

Generosity in Mission: "Connecting for Global Peace & Security" click here

Sunday, May 12 - The Seventh Sunday of Easter 

Scripture: Genesis 12:1-9  Abram & Sarai called to a new land

Bulletin: May_12_2024.pdf

Sermon: May_12_2024_sermon.pdf

Generosity in Mission: "Educating Future Leaders" click here

Mother's Day Blessing for All Experiences of Motherhood: Mothers_Day_Blessing.pdf


Sunday, May 5 - The Sixth Sunday of Easter 

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:16-20  Ambassadors of reconciliation

Bulletin: May_5_2024.pdf

Sermon: May_5_2024_sermon.pdf

Generosity in Mission: "A Beacon of Hope" click here

Sunday, April 28 - The Fifth Sunday of Easter 

Scripture: Luke 6:27-36  Turn the other cheek

Bulletin: April_28_2024.pdf

Sermon: April_28_2024_sermon.pdf

Generosity in Mission: "Healing Through Storytelling" click here


Sunday, April 21 - The Fourth Sunday of Easter 

Scripture: Philippians 4:1-9  Whatever is excellent; think on these things

Bulletin: April_21_2024.pdf

Sermon: April_21_2024_sermon.pdf

Generosity in Mission: "Building and Strengthening Community through Art" click here


Sunday, April 14 - The Third Sunday of Easter

Scripture: Philippians 1:12-27 To me to live is Christ"


Sermon: April_14_2024_sermon.pdf

Generosity in Mission: "Supporting a Rights-Based Approach to Growing Food" click here






Join in the whole journey, following the footsteps of Jesus to the cross and beyond!


Sunday, March 31 - Easter Sunday - Saying YES to Resurrection

Scripture: John 20:1-18 A race to the tomb & Mary meets a gardener

Bulletin: Easter_Sunday_2024.pdf

Sermon: March_31_2024_Easter_sermon.pdf

Generosity in Mission: "An Easter Message on Education" click here

Good Friday (March 29): 10:00 am - choir, reflections and readings

Scripture: Mark 14:43-15:47  Jesus betrayal, arrest and crucifixion

Bulletin: Good_Friday_2024.pdf

Maundy Thursday (March 28): 7:00 pm Blessing of anointing oil & Communion

Scripture: John 3:1-7, 34-35

Bulletin: Maundy_Thursday_2024.pdf

Sunday, March 24 - Palm Sunday - Saying YES to Jesus

Led by the children and youth.  Communion will be shared.

Scripture: Mark 11:1-11, Mark 14:22-25, Mark: 14:32-46  Jesus' final journey 

Bulletin: Palm_Sunday_2024.pdf

Sermon: no sermon; you are invited to watch the recording

Generosity in Mission: "Preserving Culture Through Language Re-vitalization" click here




Lent 1a
The Season of Lent 2024


             Saying YES to God and to The United Church: Confirmation Classes                                       for Us All                                  

but not the kind of classes you may remember from your teens, if you were confirmed then. This is the Rev. Susan & Rev. David kind of confirmation class.
Each Sunday, we'll explore a "confirmation topic" during church.
Then after church, the one who preaches will be in the parlour to discuss your questions and hear your reflections.
Bring your cup of coffee or tea or water and join in!
(and if you want to formally become a member after all of this, let us know!  We'd love to chat. If you can't make each Sunday, you can watch and listen to the sermon on our Youtube channel.  We'll also have other options for you, so chat with us.) 




Sunday, March 17 - Lent 5 - Saying YES to Discipleship

What do we do with this faith we've said Yes to? 

Scripture: Luke 9:1-6  Jesus sends the disciples out to preach and heal

Bulletin: Lent_5_March_17_2024.pdf

Sermon: March_17_2024_sermon.pdf 

Generosity in Mission: "Social Support Through Education" click here

Sunday, March 10 - Lent 4 - Saying YES to The United Church of Canada

Where did it come from, what was its vision and where is it going?

Scripture: John 17:20-26  Jesus prays for unity among believers

Bulletin: Lent_4_March_10_2024.pdf

Sermon: March_10_2024_sermon.pdf

Generosity in Mission: "Public, Explicit and Intentional Inclusion" click here


Sunday, March 3 - Lent 3 - Saying YES to Holy Habits

How do spiritual practices support our faith and deepen and restore our relationship with God?

Scripture: Colossian 3:12-17  Clothe yourself with compassion and peace

Bulletin: Lent_3_March_3_2024.pdf

Sermon: March_3_2024_Lent_3_sermon.pdf

Generosity in Mission: "Your Generosity Accompanies Grandmothers" click here


Sunday, February 25 - Lent 2 - Saying YES to Community

Why do we gather in community as Christians?

Scripture: Acts 16:11-15 Lydia and her household choose Jesus

Bulletin: Lent_2_Feb_25_2024.pdf

Sermon: February_25_2024_sermon.pdf

Generosity in Mission: "Taking Kids to School" click here


Sunday, February 18 - Lent 1 - Saying YES to God

Just who is this God we are saying YES to?

Scripture: Exodus 3:1-7, 13-14 God meets Moses at the burning bush

Bulletin: Lent_1_Feb18_2024.pdf

Sermon: February_18_2024_sermon.pdf

Generosity in Mission: "Leading Generations" click here


Remembering Baptism

The Season of Epiphany 2024


Sunday, February 11 - Entering into the Mystery 

Scripture: Mark 9:2-9  Transfiguration - entering into the mystery  - All Ages Service! and  COMMUNION

Bulletin: February_11_2024.pdf

Sermon: A Conversation with Rev. Susan & Rev. David - watch recording on our Youtube channel

Generosity in Mission: "Small Gifts BIG Impact" click here

Sunday, February 4 - Why Baptism? Why Membership? 

Scripture: Acts 2:37-47  The early church baptizes and gathers

Bulletin: February_4_2024.pdf

Sermon: February_4_2024_sermon.pdf

Generosity in Mission: "Lessons of Racism Learned When Young" click here


Sunday, January 28 - Baptism into the Worldwide Christian Family

Scripture: Ephesians 4:1-17  One Lord, One Faith, One Spirit, One Baptism

Bulletin: January_28_2024.pdf

Sermon: January_28_2024_sermon.pdf

Generosity in Mission: "Preserving Culture through Revitalizing Languages" click here


Sunday, January 21 - Baptism as Entering a New Country

Scripture: Romans 6:1-11 Rising with Christ to new life

Bulletin: January_21_2024.pdf

Sermon: January_21_2024_sermon.pdf

Generosity in Mission: "Providing Tuition Assistance" click here


Sunday, January 14  - Baptism is Dying and Rising with Christ

Scripture: Romans 6:1-11 Dying and rising with Christ

Bulletin: January_14_2024.pdf

Sermon: January_14_2024_sermon.pdf

Generosity in Mission: "Making a Home for Refugees" click here


Sunday, January 7  - Celebrating Epiphany & the Baptism of Jesus

Scripture: Mark 1:4-11 Jesus is baptized

Bulletin: January_7_2024.pdf 

Sermon: A Conversation with Rev. Susan & Rev. David - watch recording on our Youtube channel
Generosity in Mission: "Learning the Gospel at Camp" click here





There is Room for Us All at the Stable and Table

Advent - Christmas 2023

December 31: 10:00 am

with Rev. Dr. Linda Ormson 

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 3:16  You are a temple of God

Bulletin: December_31_2023_Bulletin.pdf


Christmas Eve: 8:00 pm

This service will be livestreamed.

Bulletin: Christmas_Eve_2023_8_pm.pdf

Sermon: December_24_2023_sermon.pdf


Christmas Eve: 6:00 pm

This service will not be livestreamed.

Bulletin: Christmas_Eve_2023_6_pm.pdf


Advent 4 - December 24

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13  The gift of love

Order of Service: Advent_4_-_December_24_2023.pdf

Sermon: December_24_2023_Advent_4_Sermon.pdf


Advent 3 - December 17

Scripture: Luke 1:46-55 & 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24

Order of Service: Advent_3_-_December_17_2023.pdf

Sermon: December_17_2023_sermon.pdf

Advent 2 - December 10

Children & Youth lead the service

Scripture: Luke 2:1-20 & Matthew 1:18-25 & Matthew 2:1-12

Order of Service: Advent_2_-_December_10_2023.pdf

Sermon: no sermon - watch recording on our Youtube channel

Advent 1 - December 3

Guest Preacher: Rev. Tony Snow, Indigenous Minister, Chinook Winds Region

Scripture: Isaiah 40:28-31

Order of Service: Advent_1_-_December_3_2023.pdf

Sermon: no print copy, watch recording on our Youtube channel




                                    THE VOCABULARY OF FAITH                                                                                       Fall Worship 2023                                                   

Please join us by live-stream, Youtube recording, or in-person in our oasis of inclusion.

This fall, we are exploring various words and phrases that we use often in church. The question is, "Do we know what they mean?"  If you have a faith word or phrase you'd like to know more about, let us know!


What have we already explored?
Check out the sermons in print and/or the videos on our youtube channel to catch up on these words:

  • September 10 - Scripture is bread, not stone  (video only)
  • September 17 - Grace
  • September 24 - Worship the Lord
  • October 1 - Hearing and sharing the Good News in our language of faith  (video only)
  • October 8 - Redeemer & Redemption (video only)
  • October 15 - Blessing and Salvation
  • October 22 - Forgiveness and Sin
  • October 29 - Christian Welcoming and Hospitality
  • November 5 - Sacrament (video only) 
  • November 12 - Hope (video only)
  • November 19 - Heaven & Hell 
  • November 26 - In Jesus' name


November 26 -  Reign of Christ Sunday 

Theme: In Jesus' name

Scripture: Matthew 18:19-20 & John 14:8-17 Gathering and Praying In Jesus’ name

Order of Worship: November_26_2023.pdf

Sermon: November_26_2023_sermon.pdf 


November 19 - 25th Sunday after Pentecost 

Theme: Heaven & Hell - God is with us everywhere

Scripture: Psalm 139:7-10 and Revelation 21:1-4  God's home is among people

Order of Worship: November_19_2023.pdf

Sermon: November_19_2023_sermon.pdf


November 12 - 24th Sunday after Pentecost 

Remembrance Sunday

Theme: Hope

Scripture: Romans 8:18-25 Hope that is seen is not hope

Order of Worship:November_12_2023.pdf 

Sermon: no print sermon - video only


November 5 -  23rd Sunday after Pentecost 

Theme: Sacrament

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 11:17-26 The first recorded account of the Last Supper

Order of Worship: November_5_2023.pdf

Sermon: no print sermon - all ages together service - please watch the recording on our Youtube channel


October 29 -  22nd Sunday after Pentecost 

Theme: Christian Welcoming & Hospitality

Scripture: Romans 12:1-15 Share the grace given to you; pursue hospitality

Order of Worship: October_29_2023.pdf

Sermon: October_29_2023_sermon.pdf


October 22 -  21st Sunday after Pentecost   

Theme: Forgive, Forgiven, Forgiveness

Scripture: Ephesians 4:25-5:2  Be imitators of God; forgive one another

Order of Worship: October_22_2023.pdf

Sermon: October_22_2023_sermon.pdf


October 15 -  20th Sunday after Pentecost

Theme: Blessing & Salvation

Scripture: Luke 17:11-19 (Ten lepers healed) & Luke 19:1-10 (Jesus visits Zacchaeus)

Order of Worship: October_15_2023.pdf

Sermon: October_15_2023_sermon.pdf


October 8 -  Thanksgiving Sunday

Theme: Redeem, Redemption & Reconciliation in Christ 

Scripture: Psalm 19 & 2 Corinthians 5:17-21   God our Redeemer, Reconciled in Christ

Order of Worship: October_8_2023.pdf

Sermon:  no print sermon - all ages together service


October 1 -  World Communion Sunday

Also marking the National Day for Truth & Reconciliation

Theme: The Spirit propels us out into the community and the world

Scripture: Acts 2:1-12  The Spirit comes at Pentecost 

Order of Worship: October_1_2023.pdf

Sermon: no print copy - watch the video


September 24 -  17th Sunday after Pentecost

Theme: What does it mean to "Worship the Lord"? 

Scripture: Psalm 96  Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness 

Order of Worship: September_24_2023.pdf

Sermon: September_24_2023_sermon.pdf


September 17 -  16th Sunday after Pentecost

Theme: Understanding Grace - a free, unconditional gift of God's love

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:8-11 & Ephesians 2:8-10  We are who we are, by the grace of God.

Order of Worship: September_17_2023.pdf

Sermon: September_17_2023_sermon.pdf


September 10 -  15th Sunday after Pentecost

Theme: The Bible is Bread, not Stone - Chewing on the Word of God and the Words of Faith

Scripture: Matthew 7:1-11 Give bread, not a stone

Order of Worship: September_10_2023.pdf

Sermon: no print sermon today - all ages service



 Summer Worship

                                                 Summer Worship 2023                                                   

For the summer, we will be posting the weekly bulletin. 
Please join us by live-stream, Youtube recording, or in-person in our oasis of inclusion.

September 3 - September_3_2023.pdf   Sermon: September_3_2023_sermon.pdf 

August 27 - August_27_2023.pdf      Sermon: August_27_2023_sermon.pdf

August 20 - August_20_2023.pdf      Sermon: August_20_2023_sermon.pdf

August 13 - August_13_2023.pdf

August 6 - August_6_2023.pdf

July 30 - July_30_2023.pdf

July 23 - July_23_2023.pdf

July 16 - July_16_2023.pdf

July 9- July_9_2023.pdf

July 2 - July_2_2023_.pdf

June 25 - June_25_2023.pdf



Theatre masks 2


                             A God Who Creates Play and Playfulness                                     

Spring 2023 - Join us to explore the curiosity and wonder, the joy and delight of God's world.  We have a God who is playful and creative.  Jesus also was playful and full of joy.  Learn more about the gift of play that God has given us, which helps us move through emotion and find the joy that Jesus promised.

                    Jesus said: May my joy be in you and your joy be made complete.   John 15:11


Definition of Play (based on work of Dr. Gordon Neufeld https://neufeldinstitute.org/ )

Play is spontaneous and creative. It is not work. It is not for real. It has no schedule. There is no required outcome, no goal that must be reached, and no reward received. It may be fun, but it also can involve tears, anger, fear and frustration. No one guides the play except the one who is engaged in playing. Play happens in a safe context where injury is unlikely, where there are no repercussions or consequences to the choices made, where there are no expectations imposed or outcomes set by well-meaning adults. Imagination is key as is the freedom to express and experience whatever flows out of the play. Within play, the true self emerges as possibilities are tried on and explored. The learnings from play cannot be taught. If they are rewarded, they will disappear. Nothing can take the place of true play (not video games or sports) for children & adults Play is as good as a rest. How do you play?


June 18 - Third Sunday after Pentecost

Theme: Turning to Praise and Gratitude 

Scripture: Psalm 150 Let everything that breathes praise God

Order of Worship: June_18_2023.pdf

Sermon: June_18_2023_sermon.pdf 

June 11 - Second Sunday after Pentecost

Theme: God's foolishness is wiser than human wisdom

Scripture: 1st Corinthians 1:25-31  God's foolishness

Order of Worship: June_11_2023.pdf

Sermon:  June_11_2023_sermon.pdf


June 4 - Trinity Sunday

Theme: Strength in joy and in sorrow.

Scripture: Nehemiah 8:9-12  The joy of God is my strength

Order of Worship: June_4_2023.pdf

Sermon:  June_4_2023_sermon.pdf


May 28 - Pentecost Sunday

Theme: Energized by God's Spirit to Deep Spirituality, Bold Discipleship and Daring Justice

Scripture: Acts 2:1-8 The Holy Spirit arrives

Order of Worship: May_28_2023__Pentecost.pdf

Sermon:  No sermon - Rev. Susan & Rev. David had a conversation.

                 You can listen to it on our Youtube Channel (see above.)


May 21 - The Seventh Sunday of Easter

Theme: Sow in Tears; Reap in Joy

Scripture: Psalm 126  When God restored our fortunes

Order of Worship: May_21_2023.pdf

Sermon:  May_21_2023_sermon.pdf


May 14 - The Sixth Sunday of Easter

Theme: Invited to dance and play and feel

Scripture: Luke 7:31-35 We played the flute and you did not dance

Order of Worship: May_14_2023.pdf

Sermon:  May_14_2023_sermon.pdf


May 7 - The Fifth Sunday of Easter

Theme: Wisdom/Sophia at Play

Scripture: Proverbs 8:22-31  Wisdom joins God in the creation of the world

Order of Worship: May_7_2023.pdf

Sermon:  May_7_2023_sermon.pdf


April 30 - The Fourth Sunday of Easter

Theme: A Joyful Jesus

Scripture: John 15;9-17  May my joy be in you and your joy be made complete

Order of Worship: April_30_2023.pdf

Sermon: April_30_2023_sermon.pdf


April 23 - The Third Sunday of Easter

Theme: The Creator of Play

Scripture: Psalm 104:1-4, 14-26 God the Creator and Provider

Order of Worship: April_23_2023.pdf

Sermon: April_23_2023_sermon.pdf




                    Holy Week & Easter  2023  -  The Journey to Resurrection


April 9 - Easter Sunday

Theme: God's Amazing, Spectacular Declaration of Hope and Possibility

Scripture: Mark 16:1-8  Who would believe us anyway?

Order of Worship: Easter_Sunday_2023.pdf

Sermon: April_9_2023_-_Easter.pdf

April 7 - Good Friday

Theme: Who will care for us when Jesus is gone?

Scripture: Mark 14:43 - Mark 15:47

Order of Worship: Good_Friday_2023.pdf

Sermon: no sermon

April 6 - Maundy Thursday

Theme: At the table with Jesus & Healing Prayers & Anointing with Oil

Scripture: John 13:1-7, 34-35

Order of Worship: Maundy_Thursday_2023.pdf

Sermon: no sermon


April 2 - Psalm Sunday

Theme: Welcoming Jesus, the Word Made Flesh 

Scripture: Mark 11:1-11, and Mark 14:3-46 

Order of Worship: April_2_2023_bulletin.pdf

Sermon: no sermon today. The children offered reflections.  Watch the recording of service for these.





 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my pathPsalm 119:105


             Winter  2023 - "Discovering & Recovering  the Bible"            

This winter, through till Holy Week, we will spend time discovering the Bible and recovering our relationship with this book which is our family story, our source of wisdom and nourishment for our faith as Christians.  We are going to do a tour of the whole Bible, (re)acquainting ourselves with what scripture contains and how we can take it seriously, though we don't take it literally.


Discovering and Recovering the Bible: A Guide Book

Download this pdf which offers a survey through the whole of the Bible,

and helps you understand what you are reading. 



When reading the Bible,

 Best questions to ask:

 -Why were these stories told? Why were these words shared? Why were they so important to those sharing them? And why did people keep sharing this passage? Why did it endure?

 -What does this mean for me today and for our congregation? What words or thoughts jump out for me to ponder?

Worst questions to ask:

 -How could this happen? How do I make scientific sense of this?

 -Why did God do this? Why did God say this?

March 26 - Lent 5

Theme: The Book of Revelation  and the Conclusion to our Tour of the Bible 

Scripture: Revelation 12:1-6 The woman in the sun  & Revelation 21:1-5 God will dwell with us.

Order of Worship: March_26_2023.pdf

Sermon: March_26_2023_sermon.pdf

March 19 - Lent 4

Theme: The Letters (Epistles) of the New Testament: Living the Way of Jesus and Sharing What It Means

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 1:1-9 & 1 Corinthians 16:13-24  Keep alert, be strong, be courageous, Paul writes.

Order of Worship: March_19_2023.pdf

Sermon: March_19_2023_sermon.pdf

March 12 - Lent 3

Theme: The Book of Acts: The Holy Spirit Empowers the Disciples in Sharing the Good News

Scripture: Acts 1:1-10  Don't stand around looking up; get out and share the good news.

Order of Worship: March_12_2023.pdf

Sermon: March_12_2023_sermon.pdf

March 5 - Lent 2

Theme: The Four Gospels - Four Perspectives: Matthew, Mark, Luke & John

Scripture: Mark 1:1-12 & Luke 1:1-4  The good news of Jesus Christ

Order of Worship: March_5_2023.pdf

Sermon: March_5_2023_sermon.pdf

February 26 - Lent 1

Theme: The Minor Prophets: Hosea to Malachi

Scripture: Hosea 11:1-9 God's compassion is tender and warm 

Order of Worship: February_26_2023.pdf

Sermon: February_26_2023_sermon.pdf

February 19 - Transfiguration Sunday 

Theme: The Major Prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel & Daniel 

Scriptures: Ezekiel 37:1-14  Dry bones come to life

and Daniel 6:10-23 Daniel in the lions' den

Order of Worship: February_19_2023.pdf

Sermon:  February_19_2023_sermon.pdf

February 12 - The Sixth Sunday after Epiphany 

Theme: The Wisdom Literature: Job to Song of Songs 

Scriptures: Psalm 8  Why does the Creator of the Universe care about humans?

         and Proverbs 8:22-32  Wisdom (Sophia) dances with God in creating the world

Order of Worship: February_12_2023.pdf

Sermon:  February_12_2023_sermon.pdf

February 5 - The Fifth Sunday after Epiphany 

Theme: The History: Joshua to Esther 

Scriptures: 1 Samuel 3:1-10 When God calls, there is only one answer

Order of Worship: February_5_2023.pdf

Sermon:  February_5_2023_sermon.pdf

January 29 - The Fourth Sunday after Epiphany 

Theme: The Pentateuch: Genesis through Deuteronomy

Scriptures: Deuteronomy 30:11-20  Choose life! 

Order of Worship: January_29_2023.pdf

Sermon:  January_29_2023_sermon.pdf

January 22 - The Third Sunday after Epiphany 

Theme: We read the Bible seriously, not literally.  We read it, learn from it, question it and doubt it - and through it God's Spirit inspires and challenges us.

Scriptures: Deuteronomy 4:1-9  The law is given to create a new community: God's people the Hebrews

Order of Worship: January_22_2023.pdf 

Sermon:   January_22_2023.sermon.pdf


January 15 - The Second Sunday after Epiphany 

Theme: Introduction to Rediscovering the Bible

Scriptures: Matthew 22:34-40 The two most important commandments

Order of Worship:  January_15_2023.pdf

Sermon:  January_15_2023_sermon.pdf  


January 8 - Epiphany & Baptism of Jesus 

Scriptures: Matthew 3:13-17 The baptism of Jesus

Order of Worship:  January_8_2023.pdf

Sermon:  no sermon today, several people shared stories of their own or family baptisms




  Lantern 3


              Advent - Christmas 2022   - "A Lantern Guides the Way"         

January 1 - New Year's Day  

No service in-person  or by Zoom or livestream)

A service to use at-home: A_New_Years_Prayer_Service_2023.pdf

December 25 - Christmas Day  

An in-person service at 11:00 am. (No Zoom or livestream)

A service to use at-home: Family_Christmas_Candle_Lighting_Service_2022.pdf


December 24 - Christmas Eve     (The 8:00 pm service will be livestreamed.)

Scriptures: Luke 2:1-20 & Matthew 1:18-25  Two perspectives on the birth of Jesus

Order of Worship:  Christmas_Eve_2022_8_pm.pdf

Sermon:  Christmas_Eve_2022_sermon.pdf

December 18 - Advent 4 - "The Path of Love"

Scriptures: Isaiah 7 10-16 & Matthew 1:18-25  A young woman shall bear a son

Order of Worship: Advent_4_December_18_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon:  December_18__2022_sermon.pdf


December 11 - Advent 3 - "A Lantern Will Guide the Way to Joy"

Scriptures: Matthew 1:18-25 & Luke 2:1-20

Order of Worship: Advent_3_December_11_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf 

Sermon:  no sermon today - Christmas Pageant Day

December 4 - Advent 2 - "Moving toward Peace"

Scriptures: Isaiah 11:1-10 & Matthew 3:1-12

Order of Worship: Advent_2_-_December_4_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf
Sermon:  December_4_2022_sermon.pdf


November 27 - Advent 1 - "Keep Awake to Hope - Be Woke"
Scriptures: Isaiah 2:1-5  & Matthew 24:36-44

Order of Worship: Advent_1_Nov_27_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: Advent_1_-_November_27_2022_sermon.pdf







Why Are We Here?  To Answer God's Call & Live God's Purpose

During the Autumn of 2022, we are going to be exploring the Vision to which our denomination, The United Church of Canada, has called us:  Deep Spirituality, Bold Discipleship, Daring Justice.

The United Church of Canada vision reflects what the church aspires to be over a 5- to 10-year span.

Called by God, as disciples of Jesus, The United Church of Canada seeks to be a bold, connected, evolving church of diverse, courageous, hope-filled communities united in deep spirituality, inspiring worship, and daring justice.

Service is shared in-person and by Livestream and Zoom.  If you wish to join us by Zoom, please contact the church office for details.
November 20 - Practicing Deep Spirituality, Bold Discipleship, Daring Justice
                            is how we help God's kingdom come!

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 Many gifts from the Spirit to be used for the common good

Order of Worship: November_20_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: November_20_2022_sermon.pdf


November 13 - Daring Justice - Persistence, Persistence, Persistence

Scripture: Luke 18:1-8  The widow & the judge

Order of Worship:  November_13_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: November_13_2022_sermon.pdf


November 6 - Daring Justice - Stepping Up and Stepping Out

Scripture: Esther 4:1-14 

Order of Worship: November_6_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf 

Sermon: November_6_2022_sermon.pdf


October 30  - Daring Justice - Loving Kindness 

Scripture: Amos 5:21-24 & Micah 6:6-8

Order of Worship: October_30_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: October_30_2022_Sermon.pdf

October 23  - Be a Bold Disciple of Jesus 

Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20

Order of Worship: October_23_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: October_23_2022_Sermon.pdf


October 16  - The Bold Discipleship of the Women Who Saved Baby Moses

Scripture: Exodus 1:15-2:10

Order of Worship: October_16_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: October_16_2022_sermon.pdf


October 9  - Mary challenges Jesus to Bold Discipleship

Scripture: John 2:1-11

Order of Worship: October_9_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: October_9_2022_sermon.pdf


October 2 - A Homecoming Service

Scripture: Psalm 100

Order of Worship: October_2_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: no printed sermon this week


September 25  - Deep Spirituality with the 3 Marys and Martha

Worship will be led by Rev. Susan & Rev. David

Scripture: Luke 10:38-42

Order of Worship: September_25_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: September_25_2022_semon.pdf


September 18  - Deep Spirituality with Jesus, Paul & Peter"

Worship will be led by Rev. Susan & Rev. David

Scripture: Luke 4:16-20

Order of Worship: September_18_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: September_18_2022_sermon.pdf


September 11  - Introducing the Call & Vision of The United Church of Canada

Worship will be led by Rev. Susan & Rev. David

Scripture: Ephesians 4:1-7

Order of Worship: September_11_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: September_11_2022_sermon.pdf




Summer Blessings

Summer 2022  -   Enjoy a Blessed Summer!

During July and August, we will have many worship teams and leaders hosting the services.  We will do our best to post the order of worship and sermon (if available) for each Sunday.  May you be blessed by what these people offer.  We are so grateful for their leadership.

September 4

Worship will be led by Rev. Susan & Rev. David

Scripture: Philippians 4:8-20

Order of Worship: September_4_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: September_4_2022_sermon.pdf

August 28th

Worship will be led by Rev. Susan & Rev. David

Scripture: Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18 God knows us completely

                   Isaiah 43:1-3a God calls us by name; we are God’s

Order of Worship: August_28_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: August_28_2022_sermon.pdf


August 21st

Worship will be led by Rev. Susan & Rev. David

Scripture: Psalm 46:1-11

Order of Worship: August_21_2022_order_of_worship.pdf

August 14th

Scripture: Romans 12:9-21

Order of Worship: August_14_2022_Order_Of_Worship.pdf


August 7th

Scripture: Matthew 11:28 and Mark 6:30-32 

Order of Worship: August_7_2022_Order_Of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: August_7_2022_sermon.pdf


July 31st

Scripture: Luke 12:13-21 

Order of Worship: SUMMER_2022_Order_of_Worship_July_31.pdf


July 24th 

Scripture: Joshua 4: 1-7 and Ezekiel 14 1-14 

Order of Worship: July_24_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf


July 17th

Scripture: Colossians 3:16-17 and 1 Chronicles 16: 7-12 

Order of Worship: July_17_2022_Bulletin.pdf


July 10th

Scripture: Acts 10: 9-29 

Order of Worship: July_10_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf




Spring 2022  -  A Theological Banquet - Find Your Place at the Table

Five Approaches to Lived Faith: Evangelical, Ecclesial, Missional, Ecumenical, Spiritual 

 (from Rev. Dr. Janet Geer's work - A Theological Banquet)

 Church People

July 3 - What is Your Way of Living Your Faith?

Scripture: Isaiah 25:1-9

Order of Service: July_3_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: July_3_2022_sermon.pdf



June 26 - Evangelical Lived Faith

 Do you live your faith as an Ecclesial? Is it important to you to share with others that you believe in Jesus and following his Way?  Do you share what you believe with other people? 

Scripture: Luke 9:1-6  & Luke 8:1-3

Order of Service: June_26_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

 Sermon: June_26_2022_sermon.pdf



June 19 - Ecumenical Lived Faith

Do you live your faith as an Ecumenical? Does your faith propel you to work for social change, for justice, peace and reconciliation?  Do you believe that God is mending the world through those who work for social transformation?

Scripture: Micah 6:6-8

Order of Service: June_19_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: June_19_2022_sermon.pdf



June 12 - We Are the Body of Christ

 What is your part in the body of Christ?  What do you add to the body? (and you do!) 

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:1-27

Order of Service: June_12_2022_Order_of_Worship_.pdf 

Sermon: The Body of Christ - a skit: Body_of_Christ_Skit.pdf



June 5 - Spiritual Lived Faith

Do you live your faith as a spiritual, journeying the inward path, the contemplative way into the heart of the Divine, as a wisdom seeker, healer, artist, musician or connector with Creation?

Scripture: Acts 2:1-4  & Psalm 150

Order of Service:  June_5_2022_Order_of_Worship_Pentecost.pdf

Sermon: June_5_2022_Pentecost_sermon.pdf



May 29 - Ecclesial Lived Faith

Do you live your faith as a ecclesial, part of a community of faith, which passes the faith from generation to generation and cares for a church building to be of service to the community?

Scripture: Acts 2:43-47 & Ephesians 2:19-22

Order of Service: May_29_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: May_29_2022_sermon.pdf



May 22 - Missional Lived Faith

Do you live your faith as a missional, wanting to provide practical care and support to others as the hands and feet of Christ?

Scripture: Matthew 25:31-40

Order of Service: May_22_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: May_22_2022_sermon.pdf


May 15 - Introducing the Theological Banquet

Introducing “The Theological Banquet” based on the work of Janet Gear, and her upcoming book "Undivided Love."   Are you evangelical, ecclesial, missional, ecumenical or spiritual?

Scripture: Ephesians 4:1-7

Order of ServiceMay_15_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: May_15_2022_sermon.pdf


May 8 - Chinook Winds Regional Meeting - Guest Preacher


May 1 - Cast Your Nets on the Other Side

Order of Service: May_1_2022_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: May_1_2022_sermon.pdf


April 24 - Rev. Susan & Rev. David away - guest preacher


Looking for Hope  - Lent 2022

Hope 2


Our theme for Lent this year is "Looking for Hope."  The first three weeks we will talk about "Looking for Hope in the wrong places" and then the next weeks, leading up to Easter Sunday, we will explore "Looking for hope in the right places."   Join us on the journey.  The services each week will be livestreamed and can be watched at the time of the service or later by recording posted to our Youtube channel.  We hope you will join us.


Seeking Hope - a Holy Week journey of reflections 

We invite you to download this pamphlet

and take time each day of Holy Week to reflect on the theme of Hope.

Seeking Hope pamphlet (with photos): Holy_Week_Pamphlet_2022.pdf

Seeking Hope pamphlet (interactive - add your own words & drawingsHoly_Week_Pamphlet_2022_-_Interactive_Version.pdf


April 17 - Easter Sunday - Resurrection Hope

Luke 24:1-12

Order of Worship: Easter_Sunday_2022.pdf

Sermon: April_17_2022_Easter_sermon.pdf


April 15 - Good Friday - Losing Hope

Luke 22:39-23:49

Order of Worship:Good_Friday_2022.pdf


April 14 - Maundy Thursday - Feasting on Hope

 John 13:1-7, 34b-15

 Order of Worship: Maundy_Thursday_2022.pdf


April 10 - Palm Sunday - Welcoming Hope

Luke 19:28-22:54

Order of Worship: Palm_Sunday_2022_bulletin.pdf

Sermon:  sorry, no sermon this week - please read the order of service


April 3 - Lent 5 - Looking for Hope in the Right Places: The Gift of Tears  

Psalm 126 & Ephesians 3:14-21

Order of Worship: April_3_2022_-_Lent_5_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: April_3_2022_sermon.pdf


March 27 - Lent 4 - Looking for Hope in the Right Places: Relationships - Luke 15:11-32

Order of Worship: March_27_2022_-_Lent_4_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: March_27_2022_sermon.pdf


March 20 - Lent 3 - Looking for Hope in the Wrong Places: Self-Sufficiency & Blind Trust - Luke 4:1-13

Order of Worship: March_20_2022_-_Lent_3_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf 

Sermon: March_20_2022_sermon.pdf


March 13 - Lent 2 - Looking for Hope in the Wrong Places: Seeking Power Over  - Luke 4:1-8

Order of Worship: March_13_2022_-_Lent_2_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: March_13_2022_sermon.pdf


March 6 - Lent 1 - Looking for Hope in the Wrong Places: The Material Realm - Luke 4:1-4

Order of Worship: March_6_2022_-_Lent_1_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon:  March_6_2022_sermon_Finding_Hope.pdf



Knowing the Holy

Cultural Symbol 1



February 27, 2022   With the Holy from Mountain Top to Valley

Luke 9:28-36 - Jesus experiences transfiguration on the mountain top

Order of Worship: February_27_2022_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf:   

Sermon:   February_27_2022_sermon.pdf


February 20, 2022   Being with the Holy

Psalm 23 - Resting in the presence of God

Order of Worship: February_20__2022_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf 

Sermon: February_20_2022_sermon.pdf


February 13, 2022 Seeking the Holy 

1 Kings 19:1-13 Elijah meets God in the sound of silence 

Order of Worship:  February_13__2022_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon:  February_13_2022_sermon.pdf


February 6, 2022 Naming the Holy: Naming Jesus

Mark 8:27-30  Jesus asks the disciples, "Who do you say I am?"

Order of Worship:  February_6__2022_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon:  February_6_2022_sermon.pdf


January 30, 2022   Naming the Holy: Naming God           

Exodus 3:1-14   Moses at the burning bush

Order of Worship:  January_30_2022_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon:  January_30_2022_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf




The Childhood Of Jesus - January 2022


Newborn crying


January 23, 2022  The boy Jesus spends time in the temple

Order of Worship:  January_23_2022_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon - January_23_2022_sermon.pdf



January 16, 2022   The elders, Simeon & Anna, bless the baby Jesus

Order of Worship:  January_16_2022_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: January_16_2022_sermon.pdf  



January 9, 2022 - Baby Jesus presented at the Temple

Order of Worship:  January_9_2022_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf 

Sermon - January_9_2022_sermon.pdf


January 2, 2022  - The Magi

Order of Worship: January_2_2022_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon - none written,


Advent Candles 2

Christmas in the Barn - A Christmas Video Message - 2021




Rev. Susan & Rev. David spend time out at the Machan farm southeast of High River to read the Christmas story and offer a Christmas message among the cows and chickens, in the fields and in the barns. It was cold the day we filmed, so the video might be a little bumpy at moments, but we hope that you'll enjoy the farm setting for the telling of Jesus' birth. We wish you a beautiful and blessed Christmas, even in the midst of the continuing pandemic. This is why God came in Jesus, to be with us through all the challenges and difficulties of life, sustaining and guiding us in love.



Christmas Eve 2021 

The 6:00 pm service will be livestreamed on the High River Youtube Channel and available later as a recording.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8EnXYjXlLrwUdJBOOG61rQ


Order of Worship for Christmas Eve Service: Christmas_Eve_2021_6_pm_-_Livestream.pdf

Christmas Eve Sermon: Christmas_Eve_2021_sermon.pdf 


Advent  2021 

November 28 - Advent 1

Scripture:  Luke 1:5-25 & 57-66   The story of Zechariah & Elizabeth

Order of Worship:  Advent_1_-_Nov2821_order_of_worship.pdf

Sermon: Confused but Peaceful  November_28_2021_sermon.pdf


December 5 - Advent 2

Scripture:  Matthew 1:18-25 & Matthew 2:13-15  Joseph's story

Order of Worship: Advent_2_December_5_2021_bulletin.pdf

Sermon: Frustrated but Loving December_5_2021_sermon.pdf


December 12 - Advent 3

Scripture: Luke 1:26-45  Mary's story

Order of Worship: Advent_3_December_12_2021_bulletin.pdf

Sermon: Sad but Joyful  December_12_2021_sermon.pdf


December 19 - Advent 4

Scripture: Luke 2:8-20  The story of the Shepherds

Order of Worship: Advent_4_December_19_2021.pdf

Sermon: Afraid but Hopeful  coming soon




Beloved Community

Becoming the Beloved Community of Christ

Through the fall, we will explore the concept of Beloved Community, a concept proposed by Martin Luther King, Jr.   and expanded upon by Rev. Michael Blair, General Secretary of The United Church of Canada.


November 21

Scripture: 1 Peter 4:8-10 & 1 John 4:7-12

The characteristics of a Beloved Community - Love is the Third Way

Order of Worship: November_21_2021_bulletin.pdf

Sermon: November_21_2021_sermon.pdf


November 14

Scripture: James 2:1-9, Hebrews 11:1-3 & Hebrews 13:1-3

Understanding privilege and impartiality

Order of Worship: November_14_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: November_14_2021_sermon.pdf


November 7

Scripture: Philemon vs.1-22

What does it mean to live justice as part of the Beloved Community?

Order of Worship: November_7_2021.pdf

Sermon: November_7_2021_sermon.pdf


October 31 - All Hallows Eve  - The 23rd Sunday after Pentecost

Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:3-14  On All Hallows Eve, the evening before All Saints Day, we remember the people who have been saints in our lives - and we reflect upon how we can joyfully share our faith with others.

Order of Worship: October_31_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: October_31_2021_sermon.pdf


October 24 - The 22nd Sunday after Pentecost

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:12-23

Because this is a letter to the Thessalonians and their local situation, what might this letter have to say for our time and context? Perhaps this letter reminds us that, just because we have faith doesn’t mean that we can do whatever we want because we have Jesus. Or just because we are doubly immunized doesn’t mean we can do whatever we want. Whether we feel protected by Christ or immunized by a COVID vaccine, neither releases us from the ethical obligations we have to one another. We are not to be idle with our responsibilities to the wider good. This is core to Paul’s thinking.

Order of Worship: October_24_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: October_24_2021_sermon.pdf


October 17 - The 21st Sunday after Pentecost


Scripture: Colossians 3:12-17


We all have good intentions about what we want to say and do. We have good intentions, but we also know how easily those good intentions can get lost in a moment of  fatigue, frustration, hunger and too much stress.  The apostle Paul understands this but still he encourages us to hold on to those good intentions and seek to serve Christ in every moment and every word. 

Order of Worship: October_17_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf


Sermon: October_17_2021_sermon.pdf



October 10 - Thanksgiving Sunday Worship

Scripture: Philippians 2:1-5 & 4:4-9

Offering gratitude is central to being a Beloved Community of Christ. Gratitude brings beauty, hope and wonder into our lives, even in the most trying of times. As a community of faith, we practice gratitude.

Order of Worship: October_10_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: October_10_2021_sermon.pdf


Watch the service on the High River United Church Youtube channel.




October 5 - Tuesday Morning Prayers

Scripture: Matthew 6:25-33

This is our first go at livestreaming & videoing our prayer and worship services.  Join us as we develop this ministry.



October 3 - The 19th after Pentecost

As those who have chosen to follow the Way of Jesus, we commit to limiting our own wants and needs in order to live love of neighbour. 

Scripture: Ephesians 4:25-5:2

Sermon: October_3_2021_sermon.pdf

Order of Worship: October_3_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf


September 26 - The 18th Sunday after Pentecost

A Beloved Community is a community that is radical in its welcoming, but is also discerning in its welcoming.  Welcoming is not about being nice, but rather about being authentic to God's call.  

Scripture: Galatians 4:8-20

Sermon: September_26_2021_Sermon.pdf

Order of Worship: September_26_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf


September 19 - The 17th Sunday after Pentecost

God has given each church community all the spiritual gifts they need to carry out the mission of God as a Beloved Community.

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 & 2 Corinthians 4:7-12

Sermon: September_19_2021_sermon.pdf

Order of Worship: September_19_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf


September 12 - The 16th Sunday after Pentecost

An introduction to Beloved Community.

Scripture: Romans 12:9-21

Sermon: September_12_2021_sermon.pdf

Order of Worship: September_12_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf


The Season of  Pentecost 2021

September 5 - The 15th Sunday after Pentecost

Jesus had bad days, grumpy days.  But what he learned from the Syrophoenician woman on one of those grumpy days shaped his ministry going forward.  The love of God he preached and lived was a love that is inclusive of all people, all genders, all sexual diversity, all cultures and races.

Order of Worship: September_5_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon:  September_5_2021_sermon.pdf


August 29 - The 14th Sunday after Pentecost

Washing our hands with gratitude in our hearts for soap and water and the knowledge of bacteria, while remembering that our care for each other comes before everything else.

Order of Worship: August_29_2021_Order_of_Worship_002.pdf

Sermon: August_29_2021_sermon.pdf


July 25 - The 9th Sunday after Pentecost

Our theme of God's abundance continues.  God's love is great than we can imagine,

and works with in us to accomplish more than we can ask for.

Order of Worship: July_25_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: July_25_2021_sermon.pdf


July 18 - The 8th Sunday after Pentecost

God is a God of abundance - abundant, bountiful, beautiful love, without judgement or conditions.  God provides for us.

Order of Worship: July_18_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: July_18_2021_sermon.pdf


July 11 - The 7th Sunday after Pentecost

The disciples are caught in their boat in a storm.  Jesus walks toward them across the water, but INTENDS to walk on by - wait a minute!  Rev. David explores this strange and exciting story that reminds us that in the storms of life, Jesus choose to get in our boat with us.

Order of Worship: July_11_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: July_11_2021_sermon.pdf


July 4 - The 6th Sunday after Pentecost

When Jesus returns to his home town, he is rejected.  When Olympic athletes and other young people who gain success elsewhere return home, how are they treated?  Why are they sometimes honoured & sometimes ignored?  What can we learn from this as followers of Jesus? 

Order of Worship:  July_4_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: July_4_2021_sermon.pdf


June 27 - The 5th Sunday after Pentecost

After 15 months of being told not to touch or hug, now we are going to be able to do so again. 

What can we learn from the story in the gospel of Mark about the  woman who wasn't touched for 12 years because she was bleeding?

Order of Worship: June_27_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: June_27_2021_sermon.pdf


June 20 - The 4th Sunday after Pentecost, National Aboriginal Day of Prayer & Pride Month

We are perishing, Jesus.  Don't you care?

Order of Worship: June_20_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: June_20_2021_sermon.pdf



June 13 - The 3rd Sunday after Pentecost

The smallest seeds of love we plant can yield great results.

Order of Worship: June_13_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: June_13_2021_sermon.pdf


June 6 - The 2nd Sunday after Pentecost

Jesus will not be contained by the limits and definitions we place on him.  We grieve the many atrocities done in his name, including the deaths of so many children as well as the loss of language and culture experienced in Indian Residential Schools in which the United Church of Canada played a role.  We also protest the use of Jesus' name to exclude LGBTQ+ and to uphold racism and sexism.  Jesus lived an expansive, inclusive, unconditional love which the Christian church, through the centuries and today, has often failed to live out.

Order of Worship:  June_6_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: June_6_2021_sermon.pdf


Trinity Sunday & Environment Sunday

May 30 - Transforming Love - No Strings Attached

Order of Worship: May_30_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: May_30_2021_sermon.pdf



Pentecost - May 23, 2021

Order of Worship: May_23_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: May_23_2021_sermon.pdf

Asian Voices - A Pentecost Service created by The United Church of Canada


The Season of Easter

May 16 - Jesus prays for us!

Order of Worship: May_16_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon:  May_16_2021_sermon.pdf


May 9 - How Can Jesus Command Us to Love!?

Order of Worship: May_9_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon:  May_9_2021_sermon.pdf


May 2 - Jesus, the True Vine

Order of Worship:  May_2_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: May_2_2021_sermon.pdf

Video on pruning grapevines:




April 25 - The Good Shepherd

Order of Worship:  April_25_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: April_25_2021_sermon.pdf


April 18 - Easter: What If It's True!

Order of Worship: April_18_2021_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon:  Dramatized by Moderator Richard Bott & Alydia Smith

Easter 2021 Candle-lighting, Scripture & Prayer



How Do We Know God? - Winter 2021

Through the next weeks, we will explore the ways that we know God.  We each experience God's presence in unique ways. For some of us, we know God through the community of gathered people, for some it is through scripture, for others it is through working for justice or caring for others, for some it is during quiet meditation and prayer, and for others it is more about following an ethic - The Way of Jesus - than having a personal experience of God, while others experience a personal relationship with Jesus.  Many ways to know and serve God - that's what we will explore during January & February 2021.


January 10 – Baptism of Jesus – Introduction to knowing God so that we may be a blessing

 There are many ways in which we can know and experience the divine presence.

Order of Worship: January_10_2021_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: January_10_2021_sermon.pdf


January 17 – Knowing God through community

 We experience God's presence as we are enveloped in the compassionate care of others.

Order of Worship: January_17_2021_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: January_17_2021_sermon.pdf


January 24 – Knowing God through scripture

We experience God's presence as we read, explore and debate scripture.

Order of the Worship: January_24_2021_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: January_24_2021_sermon.pdf


January 31 – Knowing God through caring for others

 We experience the warmth and hope of God's presence as we open our hearts to the needs of others.

Order of Worship: January_31_2021_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: January_31_2021_sermon.pdf


February 7 – Knowing God through justice work

Order of Worship: February_7_2021_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: February_7_2021_sermon.pdf


February 14 – Knowing God through prayer, meditation and mystical experiences

Order of Worship: February_14_2021_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon:  February_14_2021_sermon.pdf


February 21 – Lent 1 -Knowing God through Jesus

   including having a personal relationship with Jesus

  and/or making a choice to follow the ethic of the Way of Jesus.

Order of Worship: February_21_2021_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon:  February_21_2021_sermon.pdf


February 28 – Lent 2 - Knowing God through nature

Order of Worship: February_28_2021_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: February_28_2021_sermon.pdf


March 7 – Lent 3 – Knowing God through artistic expression

Order of Worship: March_7_2021_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: March_7_2021_sermon.pdf


March 14 – Lent 4 – Practicing in order to know God - practicing God's presence 

Order of Worship: March_14_2021_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: March_14_2021_sermon.pdf


March 21 – Lent 5 – Knowing God as a congregation – the gift of diversity and sacraments

Order of Worship: March_21_2021_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: March_21_2021_sermon.pdf


March 28 – Palm Sunday - A Welcoming God

Order of Worship: March_28_2021_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: March_28_2021_sermon.pdf


April 1 - Maundy Thursday - A Feasting God

Order of Worship: April_1_2021_Maundy_Thursday.pdf


April 2 - Good Friday -A Mourning God

Order of Worship: April_2_2021_Good_Friday_order_of_worship.pdf


April 4 – Easter Sunday - A Resurrected God

Order of Worship: April_4_2021_Easter_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon:  April_4_2021_Easter_sermon.pdf


January 3, 2020 - focus on Hope rather than Optimism

Order of Worship: January_3_2021_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sermon: January_3_2021_sermon.pdf


December 27, 2020 - Christianity's focus on Literacy

Order of Worship & Sermon: December_27_-_Order_of_Worship__Sermon.pdf


Christmas Eve 2020

Sermon: Christmas_Eve_2020_sermon.pdf

Order of Worship: Christmas_Eve_Service_2020.pdf

Recorded Christmas Service for your viewing:  


ADVENT 2020 - Waiting When We Are Tired of Waiting

Download our Advent Reflection Booklet:  ADVENT_2020_-_Waiting_Reflections.pdf


Advent 1 - November 29 - Waiting with Noah for a Sign

Sermon: November_29_2020_sermon.pdf

Order of Service: Advent_1_2020.pdf


Advent 2 - December 6 - Waiting for a Return from Babylon - Making a Home in Our Waiting

Sermon: December_6_2020_sermon.pdf

Order of Service: Advent_2_2020_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf


Advent 3 - December 13 - Waiting with Zechariah - For Renewed Connection

Sermon: Advent_3_2020_sermon.pdf

Order of Worship: Advent_3_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf


Advent 4 - December 20 - Waiting with Mary & Joseph - For Possibility

Sermon: December_20_2020_sermon.pdf

Order of Worship: Advent_4_2020_-_Order_of_Worship.pdf


Please note: we are worshipping together via Zoom.  If you wish to join us, please contact the church and help us get to know you and your contact information by which we can share the Zoom links.

Meeting Up with Jesus' First Disciples: Fall 2020

Meet the Disciples Booklet: download this PDF for background information for each week.



Committed to the Common Good, not my Individual Rights & Freedoms

Sermon: November_22_2020_sermon.pdf

Order of Worship: November_22_2020_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Celebrating the 135 years of the High River United Church congregation

Sermon: November_15_sermon_Lynn_Maki.pdf

Order of Worship:November_15_2020_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Being Served by Stephen & the other Deacons

Sermon: November_8_2020.pdf

Order of Worship: November_8_2020_order_of_worship.pdf

Meet the Apostle Couples

Sermon: November_1_2020_sermon.pdf

Order of Worship:November_1_2020_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Studying with Timothy & Barnabus

Sermon: October_25_2020_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Order of Worship: October_25_2020.pdf

On the Road to Damascus with Paul

Sermon: October_18_2020_sermon.pdf

Order of Worship: October_18_2020_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Hearing from Thomas the Doubter & Judas Iscariot

Sermon: October_11_2020_sermon.pdf

Order of Worship: October_11_2020_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Sitting at Table with Mary Magdalene & the Many Other Women Disciples

Sermon: October_4_2020_sermon.pdf

Order of Worship: October_4_2020_Order_of_Worship.pdf

A Walk with Matthew, James the Less, Simon the Zealot & Jude (Thaddeaus)

Sermon: September_27_2020_sermon.pdf

Order of Worship: September_27_2020_Order_of_Worship.pdf

A Meal with Philip & Nathanael barTholomew - September 20th

Sermon: September_20_2020.pdf

Order of Worship: September_20_2020_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Around the Campfire with Simon, Andrew, James & John - September 13th

Sermon: September_13_2020.pdf

Order of Worship September_13_2020_Order_of_Worship.pdf

Introduction to the Twelve & More First Disciples - September 6th

Sermon: September_6_2020_.pdf

Summer 2020

Understanding Hope August_16_2020.pdf

Comet Neowise: A Message from the Heavens  July_26_2020.pdf

How Do You Know God - Six Ways to Connect with God's Presence August_9_2020.pdf  


From Disciples to Apostle:

Learning from 1st Century Christians -- a Wisdom for the 21st Century

We have much in common with the first century.  We live in a time when many do not believe in God or follow a spiritual practice.  We live in times that are challenging and terrifying.  There is wisdom from the first church that can anchor us in the 21st century.


March 15, 2020 - The Christian Practice of Genuine Conversation March_15_2020_sermon.pdf

March 8, 2020 - Would I choose to be a Christian if I faced persecution and even death for making that choice?  It is something I wonder about in this sermon. (Rev. Susan). March_8_2020.pdf

March 1, 2020 - The apostle Paul made an appearance and Rev. Susan interviewed him as he arrived in Macedona, Philippi, Ephesus, Jerusalem, Antioch & more. Sorry, no print version or recorded version available.  You'll need to chat with someone who was there.

February 23, 2020 - The Unconditional Gift of God's Grace - bridges divisions and disagreements


February 16, 2020 - Paul's Breathtaking Journey - Truth Must be Spoken February_16_2020.pdf

February 9, 2020 - Challenging Our Own Judgments, Assumptions & Stereotypes in the name of Jesus: February_9_2020.pdf

February 2, 2020 - God's Love: Transformational, Healing & Unconditional February_2_2020.pdf

January 26, 2020 - Are you ready to speak your faith? Listen to Rev. Susan & Rev. David have a conversation about this.  No print copy -listen online from home page.

January 19, 2020 - Don't be Swayed by Proclamations that There is Never Enough - Introducing the Apostle Peter January_19_2020.pdf

January 12, 2020 - Welcome to the Book of Acts - January_12_2020.pdf  


Who is Jesus? Advent 2019

As we move toward the celebration of Jesus' birth, we ask, "Who is Jesus?" Who do you say that Jesus is?

Christmas Eve - Jesus is Emmanuel - God-with-us Christmas_Eve_2019_sermon.pdf

December 22 - Mary's Dance of Good NewsDecember_22_2019.pdf

December 15 -  Jesus - Our Morning Star, Our Anchor of HopeDecember_15_2019_sermon.pdf

December 8 - The Hands of Christmas - The youth and children led a dramatic service asking, "What were Joseph's hands like? What were Mary's hand's like?  What would angel hands be like? And shepherds? And wisemen's?"  No print or audio - sorry!
December 1 - Jesus - Wise, Compassionate & Challenging Teacher  December_1_2019_sermon.pdf


Journey to the Heart of God - Fall 2019

We will be going on a journey together - to explore our relationship with God and our relationships with each other, and how relationship is necessary to grow in our faith and to mature as human beings.  We will be emphasizing that we are people of a story -the Story of Jesus as found in scripture.  These stories help shape our lives and our relationships.  We are committed to these stories and to learning from them more about how to follow the Way of Jesus.

For the children, this theme will be framed as "Wild about God!"  Come journey with us on Sundays - in person and online.


November 24 - The Practice of BelongingNovember_24_2019.pdf

November 17 - I am the Church - You are the Church - We are the Church Together -Relationship - the key to being a congregation, the key to our faith. Rev. Susan & Rev. David engage everyone in a dialogue. No print copy -listen online from home page.  

November 10 - God is in the story.  Guest story-teller & musician, Linnea Good, shares the story of the healing of Bartimaeus - No print copy -listen online from home page.  

November 3 - The gift of being known by each other and by God.  November_3_2019.pdf

October 27 - Everything we do, as followers of Jesus, is rooted in the love of God.  We give our hearts to God, and our hearts to this faith community.  October_27_2019_sermon.pdf

October 20 - Within faith community, we are significant to one another, and to God.  Don't be afraid, because I am with you, says God.  October_20_2019.pdf 

October 13 - Gratitude is Counter-Cultural Relationship is rooted in gratitude.  No print copy -listen online from home page.   Rev. Susan & Rev. David chat about the Christian practice of giving thanks in all circumstances.

October 6 -  Belonging to a Radical Community - The Jesus Way: The gift of being committed to one another and loyal to one another, but it can be challenging to. October_6_2019.pdf 

September 29 - Connecting through Sameness: With God & with Each O  ther. We are drawn to those who are like us, but there is a shadow side to attaching through sameness.  This is meant to be a beginning step of connecting, not an end.   September_29_2019.pdf

September 22 - Embodied Faith: Relationship requires physically being in the same space.  September_22_2019.pdf

September 15 - God chooses to have a relationship with human beings. God commits to removing all barriers to that relationship.  September_15_2019.pdf

September 8 - Faith is learned through relationship in a Studio of Love!   No print copy -listen online from home page.   Rev. Susan & Rev. David chat about the important of being together as a congregation. We have created, to borrow Brian McLaren's words, "a studio of love", where together we study and explore the teachings of Jesus, where we allow our lives to be shaped by God's love, and where we learn to express that love in many ways, becoming more loving versions of ourselves. We need each other. We don't have to do it alone. We need to be hope, love, care, challenge & comfort for each other.


Labour Day 2019 

September 1 - As followers of Jesus, we are to live the generousity of God, not basing things on merit or begrudging what we give or what others are given.  September_1_2019.pdf

Spring-Summer 2019

During the Spring & Summer of 2019, Rev. David & Rev. Susan are on sabbatical.  We are grateful to the many worship leaders who will offer leadership during this time.  We are not able to provide print copies of the sermons.  Audio recordings will be posted as available.  If you are looking for a print sermon, we invite you to scroll down and find one of interest from previous years.  Many blessings for your spiritual journey.


We Are What We Pray - Lent - Easter 2019

During the season of Lent & Easter, we are going to focus on the role of prayer in our lives as Christians. Martin Luther, who began the Protestant reformation, was a person of prayer.  He once said: 

      To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing. 

          Martin Luther

 We will explore how prayer shapes our lives, what prayer really does, and how to pray in many different ways.  Join in the Lenten journey of prayer.


April 21 - Is Resurrection an Idle Tale? Easter_2019.pdf

April 14 - Palm Sunday Service - led by the Children - no recording or print sermon

April 7 - Prayer serves Emotions & Truth  April_7_2019.pdf

March 31 - Pray for Healing - it works, but maybe not in the way you think! March_31_2019.pdf

March 24 - The Lord's Prayer - Rev. Susan & Rev. David have a dialogue based on The Lord's Prayer. This is adapted from an online version (various authors).  No print copy available; listen to the audio by clicking on "Listen Online" on the homepage.

March 17 - Help! Thanks! Wow! - Three portions for our prayers March_17_2019_Lent_2.pdf

We highly recommend the book "Help, Thanks, Wow" by Anne Lamott, (Penguin, 2012) from which we borrowed this theme and title.

March 10 - Why was Jesus always going off by himself to pray? March_10_2019_Lent_1.pdf


Called to be the Church - Winter 2019

We choose to be part of the church; but God has already chosen us, called us and named us. We have a task to do, gifts to offer our world.  We are called to be Love and Light and Hope.  In these weeks before Lent, we explore our call to be the church.

March 3 - Living with Great Boldness and Hope -March_3_2019_sermon.pdf

February 24 - Conversation between Rev. Susan & Rev. David about living with gratitude: no print copy, listen to the audio by clicking on "Listen Online" on the homepage.

February 17 - To be Christian is to be radically inclusive and radically generous. February_17_2019.pdf

February 10 - Seeing ourselves as God sees us! February_10_2019.pdf

February 3 - It's Not About the Goats (or the afterlife) - Understanding Who are are as the family and disciples of Jesus February_3_2019_.pdf

January 27 - A Conversation about Values - Compassion, Diversity, Respect & Courage - no print copy, listen to the audio by clicking on "Listen Online" on the homepage.

January 20 - It's All About Relationship January_20_2019.pdf

January 13 - Understanding the Gift of Baptism January_13_2019.pdf

January 6 - Why Make Such a Journey? Learnings from the Three Wiseones  January_6_2019.pdf


Why We Are a Church - Fall 2018

This fall we are inviting each of us to think about why we choose to be part of a church community.  Why are we together as a church?

December 30 - Jesus as a boy - guest worship leader: Celia Penman -- listen online 

December 24 - Christmas Eve - A Divine Invitation! Christmas_Eve_2018.pdf

December 23 - It Takes Jesus! Why we celebrate his birth! December_23_2018_Advent_4.pdf

December 16 - Hope - What is it? Where do we find it? We need it! December_16_2018_Advent_III.pdf

December 9 - Celebrating the 200th Birthday of Silent Night  Christmas_Childrens_Worship_2018.pdf

December 2 - Investing in God's Economy brings joy! December_2_2018_Advent_I_.pdf

November 25 - Living the Way of Jesus; Having the Faith of Jesus -  Christians are seen as judgmental and hypocrites.  It is time we changed that view. November_25_2018.pdf

November 18 - Susan & David & Maya have a conversation about what Joy really is all about. Listen online.

November 11 - On Communion & Remembrance - listen online

November 4 - We don't have to read the Bible literally, or reject it as fantasy. When we take it seriously, there is so much wisdom and wonder to help us live faithfully. November_4_2018.pdf

October 28 - Scripture is the foundation of our faith. It is inspired by God, but written and interpreted by fallible human beings. It is essential to our lives of faith; and essential that we study it and wrestle with it. October_28_2018.pdf

October 21 -  Our society is losing the language of virtues: kindness, gratitude, and compassion - we must reclaim and use these words:    October_21_2018.pdf

October 14 -  Rev. Susan & Rev. David had a conversation about why each of them have chosen to follow the Way of Jesus, and why they believe Jesus chooses each of us.  No print copy.  Listen online from the home page of this website.

October 7 -  The Gift & Necessity of Gratitude   October_7_2018.pdf

September 30 -  When is a Building not a Building? When it's a church!  September_30_2018.pdf

September 23 - Rev. Susan & Rev. David in conversation about  Tears & Soft Hearts - and how worship helps us keep soft hearts filled with compassion & makes room for our tears. Listen Online - from home page of this website.

September 16 - Rev. Susan shares: The World Needs Us September_16_2018.pdf

September 9 - Rev. David shares: Church is Essential for our Well-Being September_9_2018.pdf

Summer 2018

We invite you to listen to the recordings (podcasts found under Listen Online on home page) of the sermons for July and August 2018.  There are not print copies for many of the Sundays.


September 2 - The Purpose of Work - A Labour Day Reflection - September_2_2018.pdf

August 26 - Embracing the Unexpected Presence of God - August_26_2018.pdf

August 19 - Rev. David: It's what you do that counts, not what you believe August_19_2018.pdf

August 12 - Rev. Susan: Climate Change, Divisive Politics -- We Desperately Need a New Vision for our World August_12_2018.pdf

August 5 - Rev. David: It's not the Miracle that Counts - It's the Message August_5_2018.pdf

July 29 - Rev. Susan on why we need the church community - to encourage and support us.

July 8, 15 & 22 - Guest speaker: Bob Gibennus - on suffering, sharing his own experiences and relating them to the book of Job

July 1 - Guest speaker: Celia Penman - on generously using our gifts for the good of all


Daring Hope in Turbulent Times

will be our worship theme for the Spring of 2018. We will talk about how we live as people of hope in the face of all the challenges that we see in the world around us. There are things that keep us awake at night…. let’s talk in faith!

June 24: Daring Hope: A Letter from God led by the children & youth Hope_is_-_June_24_2018.pdf


June 17: Daring Hope: The Gift of Community June_17_2018_sermon.pdf

June 10: Daring Hope: The Gift of Gratitude  June_10_2018_sermon.pdf

June 3: Daring Hope in an Age of Logic  June_3_2018_sermon.pdf

May 27: Daring Hope in Cynical Times May_27_2018_sermon.pdf

May 20: Daring Hope: Is God’s Spirit Moving in the 21st Century?May_20_2018_Pentecost.pdf  

May 13: Daring Hope in a Changing Culture May_13_2018.pdf 

May 6: Daring Hope in a Changing Climate May_6_2018_sermon.pdf 

April 29: Daring Hope in the Midst of Doubt April_29_2018_sermon.pdf

April 22: Daring Hope & Risking Faith April_22_2018_sermon.pdf

April 15: Daring Hope: True Courage (guest preacher: Terry Potter) April_15_2018_sermon.pdf



Why Bother with Faith, God, Church, Jesus, and the Bible?

In 2018, in North America, to be a Christian, a follower of the Way of Jesus, is a choice we make.  There are so many other activities and possibilities that call for our attention, so why do we bother?  What do we make of being a church, reading the Bible, and choosing to follow the Way of Jesus?  This winter, leading up to Easter (on April 1st), we'll be exploring these questions.


April 8: Let the Easter Blessings Shine! April_8_2018_sermon.pdf

April 1: Easter Sunday: Choosing Resurrection April_1_2018.pdf

March 25: Palm Sunday "Love Letters from God" (no print or recording available)

March 18: Choosing to be a Disciple of Jesus: March_18_2018.pdf

March 11: Choosing to Worship. Worship brings us back to who we are and Whose we are.  Taking time to worship brings us back to gratitude, to wonder, to hope. We are made to worship; it's in our DNA. March_4_2018_sermon.pdf

March 4: Choosing the Bible. It is an old book, the Bible. The setting of its stories go back to the beginning of time.  The first parts of the Bible were put in written form about 700 BCE.  Nothing new has been added since 383 AD.  So why do we read it? Why do we take it seriously, but not literally?  There is a good reason! It's our family story and inspiration as followers of Jesus.


February 25: Choosing to Pray. What can we expect of prayer? Is prayer about having our prayers answered or is it something else? February_25_2018.pdf

February 18: Choosing Lent: What is the purpose of the season of Lent? Why do we mark it as followers of Jesus? February_18_2018.pdf 

February 11: Choosing The United Church of Canada. Are we just a wishy-washy enterprise? NO! We believe firmly in living the compassion that was shown to us by Jesus.  We have an important voice to offer within Christianity today. 

Sermon: February_11_2018.pdf         

Powerpoint to go with sermon:What_is_the_United_Church.pdf 

More about the United Church: United_Church_-_who_are_we.pdf 

February 4: Choosing Church. The church gets accused of being judgmental and hypocritical, but there is a good reason to belong to church. It is worth it! February_4_2018.pdf

January 28: Choosing Jesus. Jesus lived about 2,000 years ago.  His ministry lasted only 3 years. But we continue to follow his teaching, live the Way he taught, and have experiences of his presence.  January_28_2018.pdf

January 21: Choosing God is not about having the right beliefs, but about being open to the relationship and discovering God in both the Bible and in science and in people and in the world. 

Please note: there is no print copy.  A recording is available under "Listen Online"

January 14: Choosing Faith: What is faith? Do I have it? Why would I need it? January_14_2018.pdf 


What Time is it, Followers of Jesus?  Time to reflect on time!

This fall we are looking at time from a faith perspective.  We follow time on a clock, but sometimes time seems to go so fast and other times it goes so slow.  Ecclesiates 3:1-8 tells us that "For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven."  We will be using the book, "Sabbath Pause" by Terry Chapman, as a basis for reflecting on time, and how we approach time as followers of the Way of Jesus.  Feeling frazzled - come spend some time with us at High River United, as we reflect on time!


December 24 - Why we bother with Christmas!  (7:00 pm service) Christmas_Eve_2017_7_pm.pdf

Note: no print copy of 9:00 pm service. There is a podcast of both 7 pm & 9 pm sermons.

December 17 - Joy is much better than happiness. December_17_2017.pdf

December 10 - There is no print copy or recording.  The children & youth lead in worship.

December 3 - Our congregation's mission as a beacon of hope December_3_2017__Advent_I.pdf

November 26 - Time to believe in God (& the mystery behind science) - a conversation between Rev. David & Rev. Susan - Please note: there is no print copy.  A recording is available under "Listen Online"

November 19 - Sabbath, not just a day off - a day for enjoying God November_19_2017.pdf

November 12 - Play saves our souls November_12_2017.pdf

November 5 - Sabbath creates room for the imagination November_5_2017.pdf

October 29 -  (no print copy) listen to our Guest, David Armour on the podcast.

October 22 - What is Our Purpose in Life? October_22_2017.pdf

October 15 - The Energizer Bunny October_15_2017.pdf

October 8 - Practices that help us find peace & stillness October_8_2017.pdf

October 1 -  Meeting God (& ourselves) in the stillness October_1_2017.pdf

September 24 - Do you have time for this dinner invitation? September_24_2017_sermon.pdf

September 17 - Rules create Freedom - understanding Sabbath. September_17_2017_sermon.pdf

September 10 - no print copy - listen to the conversation, about seeing time from a faithful perspective, between Susan & David - A recording is available under "Listen Online"


Summer 2017

September 3 - Thinking like a 1st Century Greek mystic September_3_2017_sermon.pdf

August 27 - The need for nourishment (or what happens when you don't water a plant) August_27_2017_sermon.pdf

August 20 - Our responsibility to come alongside God's vision August_20_2017_sermon.pdf

August 13 - No print copy available

August 6 - Being Salt & Light - what does it really mean?  August_6_2017_sermon.pdf


Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? - Spring 2017

We'll be hearing stories about Jesus eating meals with a variety of people.  We'll also be talking about how to make neighbours of other faiths feel welcome at our tables.  How can we be good hosts and loving neighbours, as Jesus calls us to be?

Note: The outline of basic information about each faith group that is being printed weekly in our bulletins at church will be posted here in pdf form once I have completed all faith groups.  Susan


July 2 - Seeking Truth & Reconciliation - an interview is posted under "Listen Online"

June 25 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? The children led in worship.  Here is a copy of the conversations they shared: June_25_2017_narration.pdf

June 18 - The Importance, as Christians, of Truth & Reconciliation with the First People's of Canada Please note: there is no print copy.  A recording is available under "Listen Online"

June 11 - Memories or Reality - Jesus is known in the breaking of bread  June_11_2017_sermon.pdf

June 4 - God's Mighty Wind changes & transforms June_4_2017_sermon.pdf

May 21 - Implementing God's Salvation - Being Made Whole May_21_2017_sermon.pdf

May 14 - No Disney Princesses or NHL all-stars in honoured places at Jesus' table May_14_2017_sermon.pdf

May 7 - Food (& other resources) are better when shared May_7_2017_sermon.pdf

April 30 - If you're judging,  you are not loving!   April_30_2017.pdf

What I Believe as a Follower of the Way of Jesus
(and member of the United Church of Canada)

April 23 - guest preacher

April 16 - Easter Sunday - We believe in Resurrection April_16_2017_Easter.pdf 

April 9 - Palm Sunday - Children lead the service - Palm_Sunday_Conversations.pdf

April 2 - A Conversation with Neighbours - of all faiths and sizes  April_2_2017_sermon.pdf

March 26 - What does the United Church believe?  Can you believe anything and still belong to the United Church? Sermon: March_26_2017.pdf    Pamphlet: United_Church_-_who_are_we.pdf 

March 19 - Following the Way of Jesus, Being Born Again & Salvation

Rev. Susan & Rev. David converse what it means to them to follow the Way of Jesus day by day, and the compelling nature of Jesus' command to love God, neighbour, stranger & enemies.         (no print copy - listen to audio recording. Go to Home page and click on box: Listen Online)

March 12 - Teach us to Pray March_12_2017.pdf

March 5 - The Cross - A Declaration of God's Amazing Love March_5_2017_sermon.pdf

February 26 - How Strong is Your Faith? How Fragile is Your Faith? February_26_2017.pdf

February 19 - We Believe in the Spirit: The Energy of our Faith

February 12 - We Believe in Jesus: A Revolution of Love February_12_2017.pdf

February 5 - We Believe in Jesus: Rev. Susan & Rev. David converse about their experiences of the presence of Jesus and their understandings of who Jesus was and is.

(no print copy - listen to audio recording. Go to Home page and click on box: Listen Online)

January 29 - We Believe in God: On a Journey with God

January 22 - We Believe in God: Does God control everything or do we have free will? 


January 15 - We Believe in God: Rev. Susan & Rev. David converse about their experiences of God

(no print copy - listen to audio recording. Go to Home page and click on box: Listen Online)

January 8 - "Baptism: A Comfort for Parents & Challenge to the Congregation"  January_8_2017_sermon.pdf

Advent Conversations 2016

Advent 4 - Radical Love & Daring Joy December_18_2016_Radical_Love-Daring_Joy.pdf

Advent 3 - Daring Joy - the children offered their Christmas play

Advent 2 - Risking Peace December_4_2016_Peace.pdf 

Advent 1- Fierce Hope - what does hope look like? November_27_2016_Advent_I.pdf


This is What Faith Looks Like (Fall 2016)

Note: a 10 minute video clip from the Animate Study Series was watched prior to each of these messages. These messages will still make sense without watching it.  Yet, if you'd like to watch the video, come by the church and watch the clips here.  Unfortunately, we do not have permission to post the clips online.


Choices: Living Joyfully November_20_2016.pdf

Sacraments: Making the Ordinary Extraordinary: November_13_2016_sermon.pdf

The Bible: A tradition bigger than our worries & fears November_6_2016_sermon.pdf

Prayer:  We need to pray & tune ourselves to God October_30_2016_sermon.pdf

Service 2: Falling in Love with God; Giving in love to your Church October_23_2016.pdf

Service 1: When we live like royalty, how do we notice the needs around? October_16_2016_sermon.pdf

Worship 2: Faith rooted and tested in a tradition of thousands of years. October_9_2016_sermon.pdf

Worship 1: We all need a higher power. In God, we find our sense of worth. October_2_2016_sermon.pdf

Community 2 - "I keep coming back to church because it is where I learn and grow and am loved." September_25_2016_sermon.pdf

Community 1 -  "I am because we are." Christians need community. September_18_2016.pdf

The View from the Ark: What Is Faith Now that We've Landed? Invitation_from_the_Ark_2016.pdf

We Make the Road by Walking (2015-2016)

A year long exploration of the Bible and our faith journey

based on Brian D. McLaren's Book, "We Make the Road by Walking" (Jericho Books 2014)


In the End is a Beginning August_28_2016_sermon.pdf

Spirit of Life: Life after Death August_21_2016_Sermon.pdf

The Spirit of Holiness - No more Hellfire & Punishment August_14_2016.pdf

The Spirit of Power - Difficult Conversations: I Beg to Differ July_10_2016.pdf

The Spirit Conspiracy July_3_2016_sermon.pdf

Spirit of Service June_26_2016_sermon.pdf


"The Girl with the Violin" - noticing God around us - June 19, 2016

(no printed sermon, the children presented a play during the serivce.)


Spirit of Love: Loving Self  June_12_2016.pdf

Spirit of Love: Loving Neighbour June_5_2016_sermon.pdf

Spirit of Love: Loving GodMay_29_2016_sermon.pdf


Moving with the Spirit May_22_2016_sermon.pdf

The Spirit is Moving (Pentecost) May_15_2016.pdf


Whatever the Hardship, Rise Up!  May_8_2016_sermon.pdf

An Uprising of Stewardship May_1_2016_Sermon.pdf

An Uprising of Partnership April_24_2016_sermon.pdf

Message by Oh Misun, our Korean theological student April_17_Misun_sermon_2.pdf

An Uprising of Fellowship & Discipleship April_10_2016_sermon.pdf


We Are Part of Something Much Bigger than Grief & Fear March_27_2016_Easter_sermon.pdf

Good Friday - Everything Must Change - Good_Friday_2016_bulletin.pdf

Maundy Thursday - A Table. A Basin. Some Food. Some Friends - Maundy_Thursday_2016_bulletin.pdf

Palm Sunday - Two Parades & a Peace March:Palm_Sunday_-_March_20_2016_bulletin.pdf

(The children & youth led the service. There was no sermon, but the bulletin tells the story)


The Choice is Yours March_13_2016.pdf   

Why We Worry; Why We Judge.  March_6_2016_Sermon.pdf

Dealing with Difficult Scriptures: A Path to Aliveness  February_28_2016_sermon.pdf

Your Secret Life: February_21_2016_sermon.pdf

A New Identity: February_14_2016_sermon.pdf

Remembering the Saints - our loved ones who have passed away February_7_2016_candlelighting.pdf

Jesus, Violence & Power January_31_2016.pdf

Jesus & Hell January_24_2016_sermon.pdf

Jesus' Dream is not the American Dream January_17_2016_sermon.pdf

Jesus offers what no one else can - January_10_2016_sermon.pdf


Epiphany - January 3 

Time to Let Your Light Shine -  Christmas_Eve_2015.pdf

Finding Rest in the Mystery of Christmas - Advent 4 -December_20_2015.pdf

A Messy Christmas - Advent 3 - worship led by the children & youth

Women on the Edge - what to do with Virgin Birth? - Advent 2   December_6_2015_sermon.pdf

Promised Land, Promised Time - a message of Hope - Advent 1 November_29_2015_sermon.pdf


The Great Conversation November_22_2015_sermon.pdf

From Ugliness, Beauty Emerges November_15_2015_sermon.pdf 

November 8th - no sermon to share - celebration of Susan & David's 20th year with the congregation

Rivalry or Reconciliation  November_1_2015.pdf

It's Not Too Late October_25_2015.pdf

Plotting Goodness - A Blessing Project!  October_18_2015_sermon.pdf

In Over Our Heads October_11_2015_sermon.pdf

The Drama of Desire  October_4_2015_sermon.pdf

A World of Meaning September_27_2015.pdf

Being Human September_20_2015_sermon.pdf

Awe & Wonder September_13_2015_sermon.pdf


The Lord's Prayer - Teach Us to Pray

Exploring the Lord's Prayer June_28_2015_sermon.pdf 

Walking and Running Our Prayers July_5_2015_sermon.pdf

Using Prayer Beads as a Path of Prayer  July_12_2015_sermon.pdf

The Path of Celtic Prayer  July_19_2015_sermon.pdf


It Takes a Village

"This is How We Follow Jesus" bookmark Romans_12_bookmark.pdf

It Takes a Village of Faith April_19_2015_sermon.pdf

It Takes a Village of Prayer  April_26_2015_sermon.pdf  

It Takes an Intergenerational Village May_10_2015_sermon.pdf 

It Takes an Adaptable & Grounded Village May_17_2015.pdf

It Takes a Spirit-filled Village of Disciples May_24_2015_Pentecost.pdf

It Takes a Village of Laughter, Tears & Friendship May_31_2015_sermon.pdf

It Takes a Village with a Story to Tell - 90th Anniversary of the United Church June_7_2015_sermon.pdf

It Takes a Village which Respects all People and all Faiths June_14_2015.pdf

It takes a Village (service led by children & youth) It_Takes_a_Village_of_Faith.pdf

Holy Week & Easter

Easter Sunday: Seeing Easter Hope in Our Own Lives April_5_2015_Easter_sermon.pdf

Good Friday: Carrying Death in Our Bodies April_3_2015_Good_Friday.pdf


The Wisdom of the Parables - Winter 2015

Parables: A Handbook for Living the Way of Jesus March_22_2015_sermon.pdf

Parables about Seeking Justice and Resisting Evil March_15_2015_sermon.pdf

Parables about Loving and Serving Others March_8_2015_sermon.pdf

Parables about Living together in creation March_1_2015_sermon.pdf

Parables about Weddings & Feasts February_22_2015.pdf

Parables about Open & Closed Doors February_15_2015_Sermon.pdf

Parables about Wages & Investment February_8_2015_sermon.pdf

Parables from Everyday: Nature & Household  February_1 2015_sermon.pdf

The Lost & Found Parables January_25_2015_sermon.pdf

The Parable of the Dishonest Manager - how to read parables of Jesus January_18_2015_sermon.pdf


Resting in God - Advent -Christmas - Epiphany 2014 - 15

God Is More Powerful than Floods and Disaster  January_11_2015_sermon.pdf

Resting in the Healing Power of Light January_4_2015_sermon.pdf

I Rest in God's Love (a hymn)  I_Rest_In_Gods_Love_words.pdf

Christmas Eve 2014 - Resting at the Manger Christmas_2014.pdf

What Does It Mean to Rest in God and Release Worry & Anxiety November_30_2014_sermon.pdf

Mending Our Relationship with Creation

Nothing in Creation, Even a Flood, Can Separate Us from God's Love November_23_2014_sermon.pdf

The Promise and Possibility of Springtime November_16_2014.pdf

Soil - Earth: The Ground of our Being: November_9_2014.pdf

The Wisdom of the Bees:  Ask the Animals to Teach you: November_2_2014.pdf

The Highwood: Living with a River that gives both life & destruction: October_26_2014.pdf

I look to the Mountains to know God October_19_2014.pdf

Stop, Sit, Breathe, Give Thanks October_12_2014.pdf

Re-Dedication of our Building for our Mission & Ministry as a Congregation October_5_2014_bulletin.pdf

                                                 (Note: this is a copy of the service. There is not a print copy of sermon.)

What to Do When the Winters of our Lives Hit with an Unwelcome Blast ? September_28_2014.pdf

Gathering In! Letting Go! Sharing in Gratitude! Now It's Autumn September_21_2014.pdf

For Everything There Is A Season - Now It's Summer!  September_14_2014.pdf


Summer Sermons

When we don't know what to believe August_24_2014.pdf

Faith community anchors us in life August_31_2014_Sermon.pdf


Superhero Sundays Sermon Series

Heroes: Drew in "Despicable Me", Good Samaritan, Christopher Reeves  May_4_2014.pdf

The Incredibles: working as a family  May_11_2014.pdf

Samson  May_18_2014.pdf 

Wounded Heroes: Joseph and Mary, Tommy Douglas, Rogue  May_25_2014.pdf 

Hero Excuses : Iron Man, Moses, Nelson Mandela  June_1_2014.pdf

Inner Bigness: Elsa and Anna, Harriet Tubman, the Disciples  June_8_2014.pdf

This Little Light of Mine! : Spiderman, Queen Esther, Aung San Suu Kyi  June_15_2014.pdf

Carpe Diem  June_29_2014.pdf 






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