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Faith Begins at Home
A Booklet of Prayers & Family Faith Activities  Faith_Ideas_for_Children__Families_1.pdf
Fall 2020 - Meet the Disciples
Each week, we invite you to learn about one of the disciples of Jesus.  Not just the 12 but the many others who faithfully and enthusiastically shared the Good News of Jesus.  Each page has information about that disciples, scriptures to read, and some I Wonder questions to share as a family.  

1. Meet Simon Peter, the enthusiastic:  Simon_Peter.pdf

2. Meet Andrew, the humble one :  Andrew.pdf

3. Meet James, Son of Thunder James_son_of_Thunder.pdf

4. Meet John, Son of Thunder John_son_of_Thunder.pdf

5. Meet Philip, truth seeker Philip.pdf  

6. Meet Bartholomew, honest & cheerful  6_Bartholomew.pdf

7. Meet Matthew-Levi, generous & welcoming  7 Matthew

8. Meet Thomas, the courageous doubter   8 Thomas


Prayers to go with the Disciple Reflections
Called to be a disciple,  I pause to reflect.
Called to be a disciple,  I answer Christ’s summons.
Called to be a disciple,  I commit to living the Way of Jesus.
Called to be a disciple, I say “Yes” to being Light in this world.
Called to be a disciple, I say, “Yes” to living as Salt of the earth.
Called to be a disciple,  I offer the commitment of my life
 and seek to deepen that commitment day by day.     Susan Lukey, 2020
It is no small thing we do, Gracious God,
as we join together in worship.
It is no small thing to open our hearts to you
and to commit to living the Way of Jesus.
It is no small thing to choose to allow the teachings of Jesus
to shape our days, our choices, our relationships, our lives.
It is no small thing to invite your Spirit to move within us,
with joy, with hope, with challenge, shaping us into your people.
It is no small thing, yet it is our choice.
We offer our hearts once again to Jesus, 
and commit to following his Way. Amen.        Susan Lukey 2020
Imagine sitting around the fire at the beach
with Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John.
    Imagine what these fishermen might have to tell us
    about Jesus and about what they learned from him.
 Imagine sitting down to a meal with Philip and Nathanael, also known as Bartholomew.
    Imagine meeting up with the disciples along the
    road and walking a day’s journey with Simon the 
    Zealot, Matthew, James the Less & Jude (Thaddeus).
Imagine the stories that Thomas and Judas Iscariot
would tell about their experiences of Jesus.
   Imagine sitting with the women who followed and
    financed Jesus’ ministry. Imagine listening to the
    preaching of Mary Magdalene, known as the Apostle to the Apostles.
Imagine meeting Paul, Timothy, Lydia, Dorcas, Junia & Andronicus,
Phoebe, Prisca & Aquila & all the others.
   Come disciples sit with us by the fire, share some
   bread and some fish, walk the road with us,
  & tell us about the Good News of Jesus Christ.                 Susan Lukey, 2020  
 How can I be more like the first disciples of Jesus, Gracious God?
 What was it that drew them to Jesus when he called?
 What was it that made them such enthusiastic sharers
 of the Good News you sent Jesus to offer?
 As I pause in prayer and reflection this day,
 may I meet these disciples as if for the first time.
 Let there be a word, a phrase, a story from their lives
 that jumps out and has meaning
 for my life as your disciple today.
 I ask this in the name of Jesus, who they served
 and who I serve as well. Amen.        Susan Lukey, 2020

Every member of our church family from newborn to elder is a valued part of our community. The church is one of the few places in our society where children can experience being in a multi-generational community. So many of our children’s activities are formed around peer age groups, but at church, children have the opportunity to have friends of all ages. Some of the most wonderful friendships form as preschoolers adopt a new grandma or grandpa sitting in church beside them. There are no shortage of willing arms to hold a newborn, giving mom and dad a few minutes break.




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