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Children’s Programming

We welcome children participating fully in the life of our community. They join the group laying hands on those who are baptized. They serve communion alongside their parents. They offer leadership in worship.


When the disciples tried to keep children from bothering Jesus in the middle of his preaching, Jesus challenged them with the words, “Don’t keep the children away from me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”   At High River United, we believe that our children have wisdom of the Spirit to offer us and we welcome them in worship and in the life of the community.


Our Sunday morning Children’s Worship programs run year-round from 10:00 to 11:15 a.m. and include:


Age 2-4 group

Age 4- Grade 4 group


We all begin in the sanctuary together as the whole family of God. We sing together, pray, talk and begin to focus on the scriptures and theme for the day. At about 10:30, half an hour into worship, the children move to their own worship spaces. Pre-schoolers and parents are welcome to head to the nursery at any time they wish.


Each of our children’s programs follow the format of worship, in which the scripture story is heard (in an age appropriate way) and then we have the chance to respond to the scripture through interactive and creative ways. We pray together and sing together. Sometimes we create snacks or messages or drama to share with the whole congregation.


The children & youth hear the same scriptures as the adults (in age-appropriate form) and explore similar themes, so that the whole family further discuss what they’ve experienced in worship, sharing their insights and learnings. 



Family Gatherings

In addition to our Sunday morning worship programs, we have Family Gatherings at various times through the year. Here are some that we have enjoyed:


ACT WorshipAll-ages Celebrate Together:  These worship  services are a wonderful opportunity for young and old to join together in worshiping God and deepening our sense of God's Spirit.  they will include visual presentations on topics such as "What did Jesus eat?" or "What kind of house did Jesus live in?" as well as conversations between Rev. Susan & Rev. David, lighting of prayer candles, and other active and contemplative components as we worship together.

For 2018-29, ACT services will be on September 23,  October 14, November 18, December 9, January 27, February 24, March 24, April 14, May 19, and June 23.


Messy Church: Several times through the year, families gather to share snacks and to explore the Biblical story in fun and sometimes messy ways. One time it might involve a scavenger hunt around the downtown. Another time we might make change purses out of juice boxes, or use clay to create our own communion cups. Watch the announcements for upcoming evenings.


Grinchmas Party:  Sometimes in December we have fun celebrating a "grinchy" Christmas, with treats and crafts and story, as a way of preparing to celebrate the birthday of Jesus.


Children’s Christmas Worship: On the 2nd Sunday of Advent, the children lead in worship, sharing drama and song and powerpoint presentations to help the congregation reflect upon Jesus’ birth.


Palm Sunday Worship: On Palm Sunday, the children lead the congregation in welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem through the Palm Parade, serving communion, special music and sharing the scripture story.


slide.jpgJune Celebration: On one of the last Sundays of June, the children lead us in celebrating our year together as a congregation. The service is followed by an indoor picnic (bring your own picnic lunch to share.)


Summer Camp (Vacation Bible School): At the end of each, just before school starts, summer we hold a two day summer camp for children who are going into Kindergarten to those going into Grade 5. Older youth are welcome to come as Junior Leaders.  The summer camp runs from 9 a.m. to 1:00 pm each day. Watch the announcements for more info.




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