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Programs at High River United

Ukulele Group

The Highwood Strummers usually meets every second Tuesday to practice.  This group will resume,  once it is safe to have gatherings again.  


5:00 pm for beginners and refreshers 

6:00 for more experienced.

contact the church office if you would like more information about this group

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Labyrinth: the gift of walking prayer


You are welcome to walk the labyrinth at High River United Church.  

We recommend you call the church office (403-652-3168) before coming to walk, to ensure there are no other events booked in the room.


Watch the announcements for special labyrinth walks, events and workshops.


What is a labyrinth?

The labyrinth is an ancient sacred pattern. Most faith traditions have a form of labyrinth that is used for meditation or walking prayer. e.g. mandalas, medicine wheels. In the Christian tradition, journeying to a cathedral and walking its labyrinth was used instead of a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The High River United Church labyrinth is based on the pattern of the labyrinth found in Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral in France, an 11 circuit labyrinth built in 1201 AD. The pattern is based on sacred geometry and contains many significant Christian symbols such as the cross and the rose, as well as many other important symbols that support the spiritual journey.


Maze or Labyrinth?

“Labyrinth” and “maze” are used interchangeably but they are different. A maze has choices to be made and dead ends which cause one to backtrack. It is meant to trick you and doesn’t support prayer. A labyrinth has no choices or dead ends. There is only one path to and from the centre, allowing you to focus on prayer. The left and right turns help to bring balance and centering to body, mind & soul.


Why walk a Labyrinth?

Each person approaches prayer differently. Some like to sit in the quiet. Some knit, paint, sing or write. Some find movement helpful. The labyrinth provides the space & pattern for walking prayer. The labyrinth path becomes a metaphor for the journey of our lives. As we walk the path, we open ourselves to God’s wisdom and guidance. The labyrinth is a tool that helps us centre our lives in the midst of fear, doubt, grief, anxiety. It helps us find the still point in the midst of the chaotic world. It helps bring Divine spaciousness & clarity to our lives.


Walk your questions, your silence, your grief, your needs, your hopes, your joy.

Walk to explore, to find quiet and balance, to be challenged, to find clarity and peace.

Walk to connect with the Divine.

Walk in open honesty with God.

Walk to soak up the Holy

Walk….for it is solved by walking.


Solviture ambulando

 (it is solved by walking)          St. Augustine










Calligraphy Group & Workshops

 The Highwood United Calligraphers & Artists,

ART resized for sending 

This group functions as a Small Group Ministry of High River United Church with roots into the community.   

We host workshops and classes throughout the year.  The response to these art-based workshops at High River United Church represents people’s needs to express themselves creatively.  


EVERYONE is very welcome to participate in our workshops & events.  You do not need to be a member of the church.  


If you would like to be added to our group email list to be notified of upcoming workshops and activities,  

contact Melanie at the church office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 403-652-3168 




Healing Ministry

Healing Hands (healing energy)

Healing Hands combines energy work and prayer. In 30-45 minute sessions, our healers will balance the energy of the body and invite God’s presence and well-being. Healing Hands is useful for healing from an injury or surgery, for long term pain or illness, for relaxation, for dealing with a difficult decision, for processing grief or deep emotion.


Our Healing Hands practitioners are trained through the Naramata Healing Pathway. They are willing to come to your home, to the hospital, to the Manor or Nursing Home or to provide a treatment in our Healing Touch rooms at High River United Church.


All appointments are confidential.

Healing Touch appointments may be booked by phoning the church office 403-652-3168



Creative Tuesdays with TLC

This loosely structured arts and craft group meets every Tuesday afternoon, September to May, at 1:30 pm. 

IMG_3950.jpgThe purpose of the group is to share knowledge of various handicrafts and to enjoy creating in the company of others. New crafts are taught but participants are welcome to simply come and work at their own projects or enjoy coffee and conversation.  Gatherings begin with a short meditation and prayer, reminding us of our legacy of God-given talent. Newcomers are always welcome to join the fellowship of this group.  


 Contact the church office for more information: 403- 652-3168



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