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Thinking about Joy

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As we near the end of Advent, the time in which we prepare to welcome once again the birth of Jesus into our lives and into our world,

we ponder the word “peace.”


I invite to pause for a few moments each day,

and ask yourself, What is joy?

Where do you experience joy in your life?

Where do you notice joy, true joy, in the world around you?

Here are some of my thoughts.


Joy is not the same as happiness.

Joy is something much deeper and much more important.

Joy is a deep down feeling that comes bubbling up.

Joy is wonder, delight, love, and gratitude woven together.


Joy is not an every day thing. 

It is something extraordinary, something more than can be truly imagined. 

It is a moment when there is a smile on your face and tears running down your cheeks;

a moment when all seems right with the world, even if chaos is all around you. 

It comes unexpectedly; it is never anticipated or orchestrated or managed. 

You can’t plan a moment of joy for yourself or for someone else. It just happens.

It is a moment that takes your breath away. 

It is an overwhelming feeling, filled with the fullness of love.


Our society speaks freely of happiness. 

Happiness can be an every day thing.

I feel happy when I’ve accomplished some work,

or arrived to a meeting on time,

or found an item that I had been searching for in the store, especially if it is on sale.


But joy is something so much more.

Joy comes even in the midst of sorrow. 

Joy is not confined to times when life has gone perfectly or easily. 

In fact, joy often comes in the midst of a time of challenge or struggle.


Joy comes from deep down within our souls.

It speaks of our connection with God.

It is God’s gift to us in the chaos, the struggles, and the tragedies of life.

Joy springs from a depth of love that we hold for family, for friends, for God.


Joy comes from knowing that God is with us, within us, beside us, always.

Joy comes from knowing that God loves us, just as we are, unconditionally.



May you discover God’s gift of joy, profound and unexpected,

as you prepare yourself to welcome Christ this Christmas.

December 19, 2017                               ©Susan Lukey 2017

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