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The Affirming Corner - join us for PIE !
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Event Date & Time:  Sunday, March 15, 2020, 11:30am

Join us for PIE on Sunday, March 15th yes, we’ll be serving pie. Herb Froese is providing us with 100 pieces of pie for the day! Thanks, Herb.


And we will talk about being PIE: Public, Intentional & Explicit

 For the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some terminology that you may have heard along the way.

 What does the term “cisgender” mean? -this describes an individual whose personal gender identity is the same as the gender named when they were born.


Transgender – a person whose personal gender identity does not match the gender named when they were born.


 Agender – a person who does not identify with either gender


 Bigender – a person who identifies with both genders


Genderfluid – a person whose gender identity and expression are fluid and change depending upon the circumstances and situation.


Gender-bender – a person who plays with, disrupts and bends expected gender roles


At the October 21, 2019 Church Council meeting, it was unanimously approved that HRUC begin exploring the possibility of becoming an Affirming Church, which means that we would clearly and publicly be open about welcoming everyone including LGBTQ+

  See handout on greeter’s table for more information.

  We are happy to hear all your thoughts and address all of your questions. Your Affirm Working Group: Shirley Crawford, Michelle Parker, Em Poudrier, Joey Scrimshaw & John Sehring

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