Sunday, April 15, 2018

Finding Hope & Courage

Luke 24:36-48 & Acts 3:12-19 by Guest Worship Leaders
Series:Daring Hope in Turbulent Times

A photographer visited Jasper Park. He was up early and stopped at a roadside parking lot near an open field where wild buffalo graze. The parking lot was lined with explicit warning signs. Buffalo are dangerous. Visitors should not leave their cars. Never enter the field on foot. As he was taking snapshots with a telephoto lens, a car from Quebec pulled in and a man got out, walking toward the buffalo. The photographer called his attention to the warning signs but he said that nothing that big could catch him, and he walked to within a few meters of the huge beasts, and began taking pictures. The bull charged. Buffalo can run 50 km/p/h for short distances, but the man from Quebec realized he was in trouble and got back to his car, got in and closed the door just in time ahead of the angry animal. However, his car wasn’t so fortunate in escaping the buffalo's attention and was rammed repeatedly, sustaining significant damage. Park Rangers arrived expecting a bloody mess, but the man and his wife survived with little more than glass cuts and some suspected staining in their underwear. Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you today. I want to talk to you about courage; not the stupid kind of courage like our Buffalo friend but of the right kind of courage.
Duration:15 mins 35 secs