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In This Strange, Overwhelming, Almost-There Time

Joyful Prayer


Be joyful 

though you have considered all the facts.     Wendell Berry


What a strange, challenging, upsetting, thought-provoking, overwhelming time these last 16 months have been!   Layered on the pandemic have been so many situations that have brought into full focus the racism, sexism, anti-gay and other destructive attitudes and biases in our world and in our society.   Add on to that situations in our own lives that have come upon us, creating stress, worry, and fear and/or requiring extra energy.  


Now, as the pandemic starts to subside and as more and more people have their first and then second shots of vaccine, it may seem as if we should be feeling joyful, exuberant and energetic because we are almost there! Yet, the truth is that many of us are exhausted, and just want to curl up somewhere and have the world go away for awhile.


We care! We care about those who are ill and those who are grieving. We care about front line workers in schools, hospitals and stores who have gone over and above for all these months. We care about the trauma experienced over and over again by Indigenous people due to the actions and policies of colonizers that have embedded racism in our nation. We care about the racist words and actions directed at people who are Muslim, Asian and LGBTQ+. We care, but we are tired right now.


And so I offer you these words from St. Teresa d’Avila, 16th century Spanish nun and mystic.  Hold them close to your heart as I do, and let them bring your comfort, hope, and refreshment.


Let nothing disturb you; let nothing frighten you.
All things are passing away: God never changes.
Patience obtains all things
Whoever has God lacks nothing; God alone suffices.         
  St. Teresa d’Avila


Blessings for your week,

Rev. Susan

High River United Church





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