High River United Church of High River, Alberta

In-Person Prayer Times Suspended Until High River COVID Case Numbers Decrease

We have made the difficult but necessary decision to suspend In-person Mid-week Prayer gatherings, which we have been holding on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings since last October.  The current number of active COVID cases in High River and Foothills county are increasing each day, and we have almost double the number of cases in High River than we did at the peak last fall.

Therefore the Church Council has joined us in making the decision that we will suspend In-Person Prayer times until case numbers in High River and across the province are declining.

We are committed to loving our neighbour and to caring for each other within the congregation and community.   The variants of COVID-19 are more easily transmittable and we do not want to be part of aiding transmission, in any way.   We have been carefully following all of the protocols set out by the Chief Medical Officer for in-person worship gatherings, but feel that we must go above and beyond to do our part in caring for our community.

Worship via the Zoom platform online will continue on Sunday mornings, as well as our weekly e-mails and the delivery of packages to members who do not have access to a computer.    The Office and Church Building remain open for pick-ups and drop-offs and for people to check out the book table and jewelry table (while masked & safely distancing).

We are committed to keeping connected until the time when we can gather in-person safely again.

This pandemic will end.  We will be able to return to gathering.  Until that time, we know that God is with us, encouraging us, supporting us and guiding us.  We know that Jesus would not want us to gather in-person and possibly pass the virus on to others present and through them to their family members.  We can worship in many ways without physically gathering, and for that we give thanks!

Right now, we will each do our part to help decrease case numbers and protect our hospital capacity.  We have several congregational members awaiting non-emergency but much needed surgery, and we want to see them be able to go ahead. 
So thank you for masking, safe-distancing, and hand-sanitizing, even if you already have your vaccine.  You are making a difference!

With much love and many blessings,
Rev. Susan & Rev. David





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