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We Have the Power to Slow and End this Pandemic

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We have the power to slow and end this pandemic – and that power is love of neighbour. Jesus asked of his disciples, “Love one another as I have loved you.” It is out of love for one another, following Jesus’ example, that we follow the protocols that will limit the spread of COVID. We are absolutely sure that Jesus, if here today, would wear a mask. We’ve been asked, as faith leaders in the province, by Dr. Hinshaw to share her message and request that people put extra effort into following the protocols:


-        all of us who are able wear masks when we are in stores, churches, and other indoor spaces. Your mask protects me. My mask protects you.


-        reduce the number of contacts we have with people, especially where people are not wearing masks and are not consistently keeping 6 ft/2 m apart. Even when wearing a mask, it is best to keep the 6 ft/2 m distance since it adds another layer of protection from spread.


-        reduce situations where we are with someone outside of our home bubble for more than 15 minutes of contact.  


-        wash hands frequently, especially after touching high-touch surfaces outside of the home. Use elbows, scarves, keys, etc. on high-touch door-handles, keypads, etc. to avoid picking up virus on hands


-        stay home if we are not feeling well, and isolate as required.


HRUC Mask 

I’ve noticed people in the community and on social media say, “I don’t care if I get COVID. I’ve had a good life so it’s okay if I die.”   What they aren’t thinking about is the fact that they could infect a grandchild or a friend and that person could have a serious illness. Or they could end up in an ICU bed, and if numbers get too high, prevent someone else from having that ICU bed.   Or that they might put medical staff in the situation of having to decide who gets an ventilator and who doesn’t, who lives and who might die.


We heard about Prince Charles having a mild case of COVID in the spring. It is just being shared now that Prince William had COVID at the same time, and was very sick with it, struggling to breathe at times. That wasn’t shared in the spring because it was felt it would have been too alarming for the British public. But maybe it should have been shared because the older father had only sniffles while his younger, healthy son was very sick. That’s the thing about COVID – though we are learning more about it all the time, there is still so much we don’t know. And while you might be okay with getting COVID, you could be asymptomatic and infect someone who is going to have a much more serious case of it, even dying.


So please, wear a mask, unless health-wise you can’t. (We understand this.) Think of it in the same way as we think of drinking and driving. We don’t want others to drink and then drive because their actions could cause serious harm or death to us or our loved ones. In the same way, someone who chooses not to wear a mask could, unintentionally, cause serious harm or death to another person. This isn't about individual rights. This is about our responsibility to one another.


And, as those who follow the Way of Jesus, it is about our commitment to love one another and to love our neighbour.


I was chatting last night with a friend in Halifax. In Nova Scotia, most everyone wears a mask and they have no community transmission now – which means that they are going about life almost as normal, except that they are wearing masks and following protocols.   My friend said that everyone is doing this because they want to keep the children in school. That’s love of neighbour.


Yes, we know that, at first, we were told we didn’t need to wear masks, but at that point the masks were needed for medical staff and we were still learning about this new virus. Now we know masks make a difference. So, please, if you can, wear one. With 500-600 cases a day over the last six days, and a sharp rise in those in hospital and ICU, we need to work together to bring the numbers down to prevent a return to the closing of schools and businesses and stricter lock-down measures.


We have the power to make a difference. And we do so for love of neighbour.


With all of our love and prayers,

Rev. Susan and Rev. David

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