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  Date: Sunday, November 26, 2017       Teacher: Revs. Susan/David     Duration: 24 mins 23 secs    
Passage: Psalms 104:1-24    
  Description: A conversation between Rev. David & Rev. Susan about honouring God as the higher power in our lives, why we believe in God, and how science points us in that direction. We bless you today, o God, for you are great beyond imagining. You are clothed with honour and majesty, wrapped in light as a garment, draped in the beautiful deep darkness of space. Your love wraps the earth, underlying all that is. You do not intervene and interrupt the free will you gave us; yet you are always offering the influence & wisdom of your love. You, who are divine, invite us, who are human, to be partners in the mending and tending and repair of this earth. We bless you today, o God, for you are great beyond imagining, and yet, you love and know us, comfort and care for us, calling us to the Way of Jesus, for the healing of lives and planet. You, o God, are our higher power, the greatest gift of all. Amen.
  Date: Sunday, September 10, 2017       Teacher: Revs. Susan/David     Duration: 14 mins 1 sec    
Passage: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 & Acts 17:28    
  Description: A conversation between Susan & David about how we understand time from a faith perspective.
  Date: Sunday, March 19, 2017       Teacher: Revs. Susan/David     Duration: 25 mins 15 secs    
  Description: Rev. Susan & Rev. David speak about what it means to follow the Way of Jesus, the challenges, the joys, and the compelling nature of Jesus' command to love neighbour, stranger and enemy. They explore what being born again means from a United Church point of view (it's not a one time event), and talk about salvation - which means healing and wholeness. Jesus says to the disciples, "I will make you fish for people." How are we reeled in by God's love and how do we go out to share God's love and reel others in?
  Date: Sunday, February 19, 2017       Teacher: Revs. Susan/David     Duration: 26 mins 34 secs    
  Description: Rev. David & Rev. Susan talk about the Spirit of God. How do we know the Spirit? What is the Spirit's role in our lives? Why would we want the Spirit of God active in our lives and our congregation?
  Date: Sunday, February 05, 2017       Teacher: Revs. Susan/David     Duration: 23 mins 4 secs    
  Description: Rev. Susan & Rev. David converse about the moments in their lives when they have experienced the presence of Jesus, who Jesus is for them now, and how they understand what Jesus came to do. As apprentices of the Way of Jesus, who are we committed to following? How do you picture Jesus?
  Date: Sunday, January 15, 2017       Teacher: Revs. Susan/David     Duration: 27 mins 53 secs    
  Description: Rev. Susan & Rev. David share the moments in which they have experienced God's presence and what they understand about experiencing God's presence. From making a snow angel as a child to praying the Lord's Prayer together in church, personal stories as well as stories from scripture help us learn more about sensing God's presence within and around us.
  Date: Sunday, December 18, 2016       Teacher: Revs. Susan/David     Duration: 16 mins 14 secs    
Passage: Luke 1:39-56    
  Description: Mary's song is quite a disturbing scripture for those of us who are in really among the wealthy of the world. We often don't think about ourselves as wealthy, but compared to most of the world most of us are. So if God is going to send the rich away empty and fill the hungry with good things, where does that leave us? This song of Mary is meant to challenge us and make us think about what is important in our lives. It also tells us that God comes to us in our vulnerability. God isn't worried about our successes and our list of skills. God cares about where we feel weak, grieving and vulnerable. God's radical love comes to us and then we are called to share God's radical love in the world. Instead of asking people to be "thick skinned" -- what if instead we lived with "thick love" - radical love! Now that would transform our world.
  Date: Sunday, December 04, 2016       Teacher: Revs. Susan/David     Duration: 19 mins 32 secs    
Passage: John 4:1-15    
  Description: As the two of us sat with what turned out to be an on-going conversation this past week about “peace”, Susan was reminded of her Ukrainian heritage and how during the war many Canadian Ukrainians were sent to prison camps because they were considered “enemy aliens”. It was not enough to be enemy. It seemed better to attach the descriptor “alien” as well. Ukrainians were considered to be wholly “other”. It was a very difficult time. In the same way, consider Jesus’ conversation at the well with the Samaritan woman. In the eyes of the Jewish people, Samaritans were enemy aliens. The fact that Jesus a Jewish male was not only in conversation with a woman but also a Samaritan, would certainly turn the heads of those around him. But here he was at Jacob’s well, a place of common history between the two peoples engaging conversation with the “other”. As we pondered peace this week, David remembered the 19th century Jewish theologian Martin Buber who did some deep thinking around what it means to be in relationship with the other. For the two of us, we recognize that peace happens when the relationships are right, just and healthy. Further, peace is practiced and advanced when there is room for open and trusting dialogue. Buber identified two kinds of relationship: 1. I – it, and 2., I – Thou. The I – it relationship is the one where the “other” is objectified and dehumanized. We see plenty of evidence of this relationship in history and in modern times showing up in racism, misogyny, and warfare. The I – Thou relationship is characterized by creating room for relationship with the “other”. There is wisdom that shows up in the “in-between”. I and Thou is the relationship we share with God. The I – Thou humanizes and creates room for conversation and dialogue leading to a deeper appreciation and understand. It is a spiritual practice of welcoming the “other” into a relationship embraced by a holy and embodied expression of compassion. This is the way that leads to peace.
  Date: Sunday, November 27, 2016       Teacher: Revs. Susan/David     Duration: 21 mins 40 secs    
  Description: Our intention was to invite the congregation to join us as if we were having a conversation around the kitchen table. For the two of us (David and Susan), we first thought hope might be the capacity to help change out an optical drive on the computer because the Dell warranty person says, it’s a “customer install”. As David says, “I sure need hope to believe I could do that!” Susan was content to have hope if there are enough facts and proof. We both agreed that while each of these examples are light-hearted and a bit humorous, neither of these examples are about hope. As we began our conversation, we spoke of hope as transcendent. Hope is much bigger than us. It rests within and all around us. We can participate in transcendence. To do so will transform us—change us. But, we can’t control it. For the Apostle Paul, the deep sense of hope and its wider meaning is its power to embrace us—to move within and all around us. Our job is to create room for it. This is a choice we are invited to make. As Paul says, we can diminish our life to the point of choosing only to eat and drink and be merry, then tomorrow die. Or, we can allow the “imperishable” (God’s presence) to wash over the “perishable” (our bodies) so that we are transformed. Fierce and ferocious hope creates the courage to live fully, compassionately in a way that is framed by God’s transcendent hope and justice. As Martin Luther King said, “The moral arc is long, but it bends towards justice and good.” This is about God’s transcendent process that we embrace as a people of faith and ferocious hope.



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