Sunday, October 20, 2019

The Gift of Significance - We Need Each Other

Matthew 6:25-30 & Luke 12:6-7 by Rev. Susan Lukey
Series:Journey to the Heart of God - All about Relationships!
This sermon was not recorded. Find the print edition under Worship & Music tab - Sermons in Print... I remember singing, “God sees the little sparrow fall,” as a child in church. It is quite an amazing concept – that the Creator of the universe knows and cares about each creature on earth, and each hair or feather or scale on each creature. Truly, it is something hard to fathom. With our limited human abilities, and our memories that seem to hold only so much, to imagine a God who intimately knows and cares about each and everyone of us is incredible, and almost impossible to imagine. Except that over and over again in scripture we are told that we are significant to God, that God notices us and cares for us. Two facts are repeated hundreds of times each in the Bible: 1. God is love and 2. Don’t be afraid because God loves and cares for you. Just let those two statements sink in: God is love, and we don’t need to be afraid in any circumstance because God loves us. That is life-transforming information – and I think it may be very hard for many of us to really, really, really believe it. Yet, the witness of scripture is that we are significant to God. And because we are significant to God, we don’t need to be afraid. Significance is one of the ways that we form relationship or attachment with one another.