Sunday, February 11, 2018

Choosing the United Church of Canada - why?

Mark 9:2-8 & John 17:6-13 by Rev. Susan Lukey
Series:Why Bother - Winter 2018

I was baptized and grew up in the United Church. My mom was from a Lutheran family and my dad from a Ukrainian Orthodox family, but neither of those denominations existed in or near to Acme, our home town, so they chose the United Church of Canada as the church to which they would commit themselves and in which they would raise their daughters. As a young adult at university, I tried out other denominations, Baptist, Alliance, Catholic, and attended Bible studies of various groups. But I had too many questions and they had too many answers, and I found that their answers didn’t resonate with the spirit within me. So I found my way back to the United Church, and to ministry within the United Church. This is my home. What does it mean to be a participant in The United Church of Canada? Today, commitment to a particular denomination is not what it used to be.
Duration:21 mins 50 secs