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Knowing God Through Prayer, Meditation & Mystical Moments

For some of us, we come to sense God’s presence as we spend time in prayer or meditation. Our prayer times might include praying for others, sharing our own needs, worries and gratitude, or opening our minds and spending time in silence. Just as each of us have unique ways of learning and engaging with the world, so too our way of praying will be unique to us. Prayer is important in our life of faith – it is a time of resting in God, restoration of our spirits and deepening our relationship with God.


For some, mystical experiences are common. Some of us may have had a mystical experience without naming it as such. Partly that’s because a mystical experience is hard to put into words. You know that it happened and that it is true, but you can’t explain how you know. It is a fleeting, momentary experience but it also has a timeless feeling to it or a sense of being outside of time. It just happens without you seeking it or trying to make it happen. It is inclusive and positive, bringing long-lasting well-being and peace to one’s perspective and practice of life, faith and relationship.  


How do you prefer to pray?   Have you ever had a mystical experience?


With love and prayers,

Rev. Susan & Rev. David

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