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Jesus Would Wear A Mask Today!

 I have no doubt about that.  Jesus would wear a mask. There are two reasons that I am certain that Jesus would wear a mask if he were here today in the midst of this pandemic.


First, Jesus declared that the second greatest commandment is “Love your neighbour as your self.” Wearing a mask is about loving your neighbour. If you have COVID and are asymptomatic and if you do not wear a mask, then you are spreading the virus to your neighbours, friends and family members. They could become very sick and possibly die from the disease, or they could pass COVID on to someone else who is very vulnerable health-wise. When you wear a mask into a store and sanitize your hands, you are ensuring that if you happen to have the COVID virus, without knowing it yet, that you are not breathing the virus germs onto products in the store that someone after you will pick up and from which they may contract the virus. When you wear a mask, you are protecting others. That is loving your neighbour. That’s what Jesus would do.


Second, Jesus grew up within Judaism and the Jewish faith places the protection of life above all other commandments. Jesus repeatedly pointed this out when he offered healing on the Sabbath or allowed his disciples to gather grain to eat on the Sabbath. Within Judaism, you can break the Sabbath rules or other commandments in order to save a life. That’s his point in the parable of the Good Samaritan. When we wear masks, we slow the transmission of COVID and ease the demands on our hospitals and health care workers. In this way, we ensure that there are hospital beds, ventilators, surgeries and medical treatments available to others who may need them due to other diseases, injuries, and chronic issues. So, if Jesus were here today, he would wear a mask because by wearing a mask, he could protect lives and make sure that the healthcare system is working well. That’s what Jesus would do.  


I’ve heard someone say, “I live by faith not fear, that’s why I don’t wear a mask.” That makes no sense. I live by faith. My faith in God is what helps me know that there is a way through this. I wear a mask, not because I am afraid. I wear a mask because I respect that this virus can be transmitted very easily. I wear a mask to show my love of neighbour. I wear a mask to show that I value the lives of family, friends, neighbours and strangers, too, that I meet in public places.   I wear a mask to reduce the pressure on our hospitals and healthcare workers. I wear a mask because that’s what Jesus would do.


My mask protects you and so I gladly wear it, as follower of Jesus. I am absolutely certain that Jesus would be wearing a mask, too.


Rev. Susan Lukey

November 2020




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