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Count Your Blessings - Your Gifts to High River United

We began the new year with a plan, approved at our annual meeting, that set us up well for the 2020 year, and it was all working well until….. COVID-19.


Since then:

-our givings were steady through the spring and summer – thank you!


-September givings, as compared to previous years, have been down. If you are able to make up your September giving, that would be awesome.


-we lost most of our rental and fundraising income that we had anticipated. This is a loss of about $46,000 that we normally could have counted on.


-Spitzee Services, who provides caretaking services for the church, did not charge us for 4 months through the spring and summer. They are now charging us at half their usual amount. Through all this time, they have still provided the cleaning that we need. We are deeply grateful.


-expenses have been reduced in the areas that we have been able to reduce them (for example, not paying pianists, some reduction in utilities, etc.). At the same time, there are commitments and expenses that are ongoing through this time so that we can continue to be a community of help, home and hope sharing God’s love.


-some expenses that were deferred from the spring now must be paid this fall.


-givings designated for Mission and Service continue but are down from last year.


What this all means is that while we had planned a budget for 2020 that would not have required us to do a significant ask in the fall, the impact of the pandemic on rentals and fundraising has made it necessary to do so.


What we need is an average giving of $100 per household over and above your regular givings for each of the next three months or $300 total. Of course, we realize that this amount would be more or less depending upon the situation in your particular household. And we are always grateful for every offering because it makes a difference. All of us working together can make this happen as we have in previous years.


This extra amount would allow us to reach the $110,000 we need to complete the financial commitments for 2020 and set us up well for entering 2021. Careful consideration has already begun on the 2021 Ministry Action Plan for Financial Resources, even though it is difficult to anticipate exactly what 2021 will look like. Much thanks to Ron Dyck, our treasurer, who began in the position this year.


What we do know is that the mission and ministry of High River United Church will continue. We will keep caring for one another and reaching out into our community and to the world with compassion and hope. The need is as great as ever for God’s love to be shared!  Thanks for making the HRUC’s mission of help, home and hope in Christ's name possible!


Donations can be made via the Give Online Button above,  or contact the church for information about  Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) from your bank account, e-transfer  or mailing/dropping your offering to the office. Thank you for continuing to support your church!





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