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We Invite Your THANKSGIVING Donation

Happy Thanksgiving from the High River United Church Council!

                      Out of them shall come thanksgiving, and the sound of merry makers. 

(Jeremiah 30: 19a)

We have so much to be thankful for!  Our congregation’s ministry and mission has never stopped and never been so vital thanks to everyone’s continuing financial support.  And so we invite you today to consider a special Thanksgiving offering of $100 or whatever is possible for you. You can click of Give Online above to make this donation.  We have been hit by the loss of rental income and of our normal fundraisers such as garage sales.  That's why your donations are more important than ever to help us maintain and expand our ministry of help, home and hope, offered in Jesus' name. 
Rev. Susan and Rev. David have been very busy providing ongoing ministry and pastoral care as well as providing spiritual support through writing, Zoom meetings, outdoor Tuesday morning gatherings, Wednesday Zoom Drop in Coffee/tea time, Thursday morning prayer time and recently helping to deliver “at-home” spiritual resources for young families which includes prayers, activities and crafts for Thanksgiving and Autumn.  As well, Rev. Susan and David delivered grade 11 mugs and grade 4 Bibles to our young folk.  It was wonderful to see some of our families from their door-step and be in caring conversation with them about life at HRUC and matters of spirit!  Both our ministers have been attentive to providing pastoral care with recent support for families having lost loved ones, learning to connect in new ways, but connect none the less.  


Thanks also to the volunteers who help us regularly deliver packs to those who do not have computers or who do not find computers easy to use.  45 "at-home" packs are delivered every 3-4 weeks. In addition, we have recently delivered 30 special Grateful@Home packs, filled with activities and craft materials, to families in our congregation.  We are finding ways to nurture our spirits and stay connected!  Isn't that awesome.


We do indeed have so much to be grateful for!  Our office is open, and operations are continuing in a relatively normal way despite the interruptions caused and adaptations required by the current pandemic. 


Knowing that we are living in challenging times when many need extra care, we would like to invite you and those close to you to offer a special Thanksgiving gift during October so that we can continue to be the church.  Your extra special gift will be a cherished expression of God’s love through your generosity.  Please click on the Give Online button above and consider a special gift of $100 this Thanksgiving.

Please join our thanksgiving with celebration and the sound of merrymaking!  While it is all feeling different this year, we are a people of faith, a people of God, a people of grace so that we may be an even stronger community of help, home and hope.
Thank you for your love, your generous financial support and your kindness to one another.
Happy Thanksgiving! 
Your HRUC Council, Staff and Team Leaders



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