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Give Thanks in All Circumstances - A Season of Gratitude

Hello Dear Friends!

Welcome to September and the first hints of Autumn. We are thinking of you, keeping you in our prayers and surrounding you with God’s light and love.


Part of our own Labour Day weekend was spent harvesting pumpkins. Our little garden produced 7 of them in various sizes and shapes. Quite amazing. The tomatoes seem late this year as do the spaghetti squash. So, we covered them up to keep the frost away from them and hope that his week’s warmer temperatures will bring further ripening and maturation.


The real adventure was climbing up the 10’ step ladder in order to cover the sunflowers! The effort was worth it. They didn’t freeze and now, they have a week or two in order to flower completely. Sunflowers are such a joy for us. They started as a little seed and then grew past the 8’ mark! The funny part was being high enough up the step ladder to peer over the fence right into my neighbour’s kitchen window. No, I didn’t’ see a thing!


It is the season of harvest and giving thanks for all that the soil produces. As we drove our way across the prairies to and from Winnipeg to our son’s outdoor, COVID-safe convocation, we saw the combines in the fields raising dust and gathering grain. It’s a welcome sight that fills our hearts with much gratitude.


In spite of this fractured time, when life has demanded changes and adaptations beyond what we could have imagined last year at this time, there is much for which to be grateful.  We invite you, in the midst of the weariness of trying not to get COVID, trying to protect loved ones from getting COVID, and doing everything (even the smallest errand) in new ways, to turn to gratitude.  It is the one power that we have, the one thing we can control when so much feels out of control - taking time to count our blessings and name that for which we are grateful.


So join us in making these weeks from now to Thanksgiving a season of gratitude.

As it is written in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 & 18: "Pray without ceasing; give thanks in all circumstances for this is the will of God."


Blessings to each of you -

and families getting their children settled again in school

and university students starting studies online today

and parents and grandparents wondering what all of this means

-you are all held in our hearts today.

In Christ and with love,

Rev. Susan & Rev. David



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