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A Rock on Which to Stand: Connecting with You - May 28
Grace & Peace to You!

David’s Reflections on Psalms 28

To you, O LORD, I call; my rock…

I give thanks each day as I travel towards downtown High River and give notice to the sweeping views of the Rocky Mountains. I look for the mountains all the time. Sometimes they are not visible to me. Sometimes they are simply splendiferous. There is comfort knowing that they are always there, even at night or hidden by clouds—those moments when I cannot see them.

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Psalm 28 opens with an address to God as “my rock”. Depending on the particular version we have, the word “rock” appears up to 153 times in the Bible (128 times in the KJV, 149 times in the NIV, 153 in the NRSV). That’s a lot of rock in the Bible! But consider this. Much of the Holy Land is rugged and rocky. There is almost always rock underfoot no matter where one walks. Rock is everywhere and very much present in everyday life. “To you, O LORD, I call; my rock” (vs.1).


I imagine the writer of Psalm 28 taking comfort in God who is as constant, solid, and everywhere, just like rock. Rock is not easily moved. It’s pretty much going to stay where it is. Perhaps, if you have travelled through the Canadian Shield, you might now have an image of God as rock and yes… as everlasting as rock!


So, when bad things assail us. When trouble comes upon us. When we face tragedy and separation. When we are tired and fatigued. When we are fearful… we call upon God as our rock. The steady, unmovable, everlasting God as rock helps us settle and find our footing once again. And that is the joy of this psalm. The Rock hears the prayer and in a timeless fashion answers, maybe not in a way that literally fixes the thing that we are facing, but rather grants us the foundation—the footing—we need to face it and move through it. God is our rock when we grieve. God is our rock while we wait. God is our rock when we are sick. God is our rock when the children come home and when they leave. God is our rock when we are together again. God is our rock while we are distant from each other whether that’s 6 feet or 6 provinces.


This is the assurance I receive from my almost daily view of the Rockies. They remind me that God is my rock… during and through all things. They steady my prayers. They receive my cries and my frustration. They hold my “How long, O LORD… (my rock).


Sometimes, I even have a rock in my pocket… for those moments I need to hold on to God… my rock.


A Note about Psalm 29

Did you know that Psalm 29 is the oldest psalm in the book of psalms and one of the earliest writings in all of the Bible? We know this because of the specific words used in Hebrew, which represent some of the oldest forms and phrasing in the Hebrew language.


It is a beautifully poetic psalm, addressing God in the midst of major storms and natural environmental events that are devastating.  


What do you imagine the voice of God would sound like? (Try to imagine beyond Charlton Heston in the movie “The Ten Commandments.”)


With love and blessings,


Rev. Susan & Rev. David


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