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A Message to Connect - April 16, 2020

Grace & Peace to everyone connected with High River United, (and friends & family across the province & country),


I switched the banners in the sanctuary today, taking down the purple ones of Lent and hanging the white for the Easter season. I also put up the beautiful butterfly Easter banner created for us by Peggy Newman, with the dragonfly and small butterfly joining the “We are the new creation” dance of the large butterfly.

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As of yesterday, it has been a month since we’ve had a church service in our sanctuary -- a month since physical isolation and increasing restrictions on gatherings and other activities. The hard part is not knowing exactly how long this will continue, and how much our every day practices will be changed by the time there is a lifting of restrictions.


Into that uncertainty comes the repeated phrase of today’s psalm, “God’s steadfast love endures forever.” Psalm 118 I think of generations within the Judeo-Christian tradition who have repeated those words before us, in times of famine and war, drought and disaster, and previous pandemics. God’s steadfast love endures forever.


The most common descriptive word used of God in the Hebrew scripture is the word translated “steadfast” in many English versions of the Bible. In Hebrew, the word is chesed. The word chesed means much more than steadfast. It is kind and eager love, enduring forever.  It is love that seeks us out, that wants to engage with us. It is love that roots us and grounds us.


As we continue to journey through the unknowns of this situation, even hearing or reading the phrase, “God’s steadfast love endures forever,” grounds me. Nothing can separate us from this love (hey, didn’t the apostle Paul say that in Romans 8:39). Nothing is too big for this love to contain, no fear, no challenge, no tragedy, no loneliness or discouragement. God’s steadfast love endures forever.


We know that we will be dealing with isolation and restrictions for awhile yet. However, God’s steadfast, eager and enduring love is big enough to receive and hold all that we are feeling and experiencing in this time.


Let your mantra today be – the phrase you repeat over and over in your heart and mind today:


God’s steadfast love endures forever!


A couple of things to note:


-This may be the first time that you are receiving our regular COVID-19 emails which we started a month ago. We have just updated our e-mail lists and are now using a new program to deliver these e-mails to you. It is our way of connecting with you and offering our support for this time.


-Please check out our website: www.highriverunitedchurch.org You will find the “Adventures in Faith & Family” blogs (good for everyone), daily announcements and more.


With all of our love and blessings,


Rev. Susan & Rev. David



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