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A Message to Connect - April 15, 2020

Grace & Peace to you! 

April showers bring May flowers…

I hope snow showers count, since once again today, we have snow coming down.

I’m thinking of the farmers and ranchers, who are having to contend with delivering calves and trying to prep for seeding (or for a harvest that couldn’t happen last fall because of snow)

in the midst of this continuing snow.  One more challenge in the midst of many at this time.  Blessings to you!


April showers bring May flowers….

an ancient wisdom captured in this old saying.  Spring will come. Flowers will bloom….. in their own time, but it will happen.

The wisdom of the ordinary, everyday happenings.


That wisdom of the ordinary is found also in today’s reading from the gospel of Luke, the story of the two disciples walking the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35).

The two disciples have left Jerusalem.  Emmaus is their next stop, where they will spend the night.

They are feeling lost and confused.  In the past few days, they have watched as Jesus was arrested and they crucified.

This morning, the women came from the tomb declaring that Jesus had risen from the dead.

Peter ran to the tomb to check for himself, and confirmed what the women had said.

But it was all still confusing. What were they to make of this news?  They hadn’t seen Jesus.  How could this be?

So they are walking and talking.

It was a journey of about 17 kilometres.  It would take about 4 hours.

So they had time to talk and to try to make sense of everything that had happened, including this news of Jesus’ resurrection.

As they are walking, a stranger joins them – something common on these long journeys.  It was better to walk in groups.

He is a gentle and kind stranger, a knowledgeable stranger, educated and conversant in the scriptures of Judaism.

The conversation and the stranger’s explanations of scripture help the kilometres pass quickly.

Suddenly they are at Emmaus and they invite the stranger to join them for supper and to stay the night.  Then, as they sit at table, the stranger picks up the bread and breaks it – and suddenly, in this ordinary action,  this person is a stranger no longer – it is Jesus -- who had been with them all along!


The wisdom in the ordinary – in the showers that bring May flowers, in the breaking of bread which reveals that a stranger is a friend.

I invite you today to look for the wisdom in the ordinary.

We’d love big solutions and ultimate answers right now to our questions of how this pandemic will end and when.  But that extra information and extra-ordinary answers are not forthcoming.


Yet, there is still wisdom in the ordinary.

 So watch for that today.

 In the warmth of a cup of tea (or coffee or cocoa) as it is held in the hand.

 In the owl that flies overhead and settles on the lamp post and gazes around.

 In the birds singing and welcoming the dawn.

 In the time to read a book.

 In the smile of a loved one.

 In the colours in the sky and the stars at night.

 In each of these ordinary (but still amazing) moments, there is wisdom.

That wisdom tells us that God is present, that we can dare to hope, that we are loved and cherished, and that we are not alone.


There are many things that are frustrating, alarming, and devastating right now.

There are many challenges, with so few options.

May you be able to find the wisdom of the ordinary in the midst of it all.

May you discover Jesus at your table, revealing himself in the breaking of bread, and saying to you, “I am with you; you are not alone.”


Look for wisdom of the ordinary today – that’s our invitation.


With all of our love and blessings,

Rev. Susan & Rev. David


High River United Church –

a community of help, home & hope, which follows the Way of Jesus




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