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A Message to Connect - April 9, 2020

Grace & Peace to you,  

In our daily 10:00 am prayer, I wrote the line, “I commit myself to live life in all its fulness, even in the midst of the challenges of this time.” It was a good line to write, perhaps a harder line to live.


It really is all about being in the moment, and not getting out too far ahead in wondering what is going to happen and how it is all going to turn out.

 David and I have become aware that there are things that we personally and this community, too, have learned about journeying  through a disaster – things that are helpful in the midst of this pandemic.

 One of those pieces of wisdom is to not get too far ahead of ourselves in concerns for the future.

 I remember the fears that were expressed and worries that people had in the first weeks after the flood. Some of those fears and worries had some reality to them, but looking back from 7 years later, many of those fears and worries didn’t unfold the way we expected,  and most of them turned out much better than we could have imagined in those early days.


The big learning, I believe, is that we humans have been created to be adaptable.

God has given us the ability to adapt to new situations, even the ones with which we’d rather not be dealing.  What I have seen in the post-flood High River community is a great amount of adaptability and resilience.  We bounced back as a town.


This is not to discount the difficulties and tragedies along the way.

It is meant to invite us to acknowledge and welcome our God-given capacity to adapt and to be resilient.  We also know that working together, encouraging and supporting each other (even while physically distancing), is key to this resilience.


So, let’s not get too far ahead in our worries and wonderings.

Let us live life in all its fullness today – this day, which is a gift from God.


With all of our love and blessings,

Rev. Susan & Rev. David

High River United Church – a community of help, home & hope




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