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A Message to Connect - April 7, 2020

Grace & Peace to you,  

As we sat in the empty sanctuary today, lighting the Christ Candle and praying, thinking of all of you,  I also thought about the gift of being interrupted each day at 10:00 am for prayers.

Our Muslim friends interrupt what they are doing 5 times a day to pray.

In this one interruption a day at 10:00 am, I am learning something of the gift of interruption.

It reminds me that there are very few things so important that they can not be paused.

It reminds me that in my busyness (real or perceived) there is such a gift in pausing for prayer.

It settles my racing and scattered thoughts to rest in God’s presence, to rest in prayer.

Christians used to have the practice of pausing to pray regularly through the day.  Unfortunately, it has only been kept up in monasteries and convents.

Yet, we can embrace this practice in our own way.  Praying at 10:00 am.  Pausing three times a day to pray the Lord’s Prayer.

It is a spiritual practice to build during this pandemic time – and to carry forward as we emerge from this time.


Now for some fun! 

To wash your hands for 20 seconds, sing these words to “Amazing Grace”:

    Amazing soap! How sweet the smell,

    that keeps our hands germ free! 

   Please wash your hands, and dry them too,

   that we might healthy be!

                  from the pastor of Christ United Methodist Church, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 2020


With all of our love and blessings,

Rev. Susan & Rev. David



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