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A Message to Connect - March 30, 2020

Grace and Peace to everyone,

At 10 am this morning, David and I lit the candle in the sanctuary and laid out the 5th path, the yellow path.  It reminds us of the sun warming the earth (well, maybe not today, but in the past few days and in days to come), just as God’s warm love enfolds us always! 


A Rainbow of Lenten Pathways

IMG 4903

The first Sunday of Lent we added the red path –

             May the colour red of this first path remind us to find

             our passion and enthusiasm for following the Way.

 The second Sunday of Lent we added the orange path –

               May the colour orange of this second path remind us of the Spirit’s courage

               which comes alongside our fears as we follow the Way.

 The third Sunday of Lent we added the blue path –

               May the colour blue of this third path remind us to speak and embrace

               the hopeful, beautiful and bold words of the Way of Jesus.

 The fourth Sunday of Lent we added the green path –

             May the colour green of this fourth path remind us of the arrival of spring, and

             that there is a path of hope and possibility even in the midst of challenge and chaos.

 Today, for the fifth Sunday of Lent we added the yellow path –

             May the colour yellow of this fifth path remind us that the warmth of God’s love

             enfolds us always, just like the sun warming the earth. 

             God is with us; we are not alone.

 God’s love is full spectrum – embracing everyone unconditionally!


As David and I light the candle in the sanctuary or at home, wherever we are at 10:00 am, we think of each of you, lighting your candle and/or pausing for prayer.  It allows us to be together while apart.  (If you are looking for the prayers we are using and the scriptures for each day, they are on this website.)


In today’s scripture reading: 1 Corinthians 13:4-13, the verse that jumped out this morning was, “Love never ends.” 

Love is what is bigger than everything we are dealing with right now.

God’s love and our love for family and friends.

Love can span the space of physical distancing (without passing on any viruses).

Love never ends.

If I pause and breathe, I can feel the love of God sinking into my heart and mind.

Love never ends.


Take care, everyone.

Thanks be to God,

Rev. Susan & Rev. David

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