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A Message to Connect - March 26, 2020

Grace and Peace to everyone who is part of the HRUC community,


Rev. Susan writes:

I recently happened upon today’s reading in Psalm 56. It wasn’t a psalm with which I was familiar.  What jumped out for me was verse 8:

You have kept count of my tossings (& turnings);

put my tears in your bottle.  Are they not in your record, o God?


I imagine the nights when I’m tossing and turning in bed – too many thoughts in my mind to allow me to settle.

I think of the tenderness found in the image of God collecting my tears and my fears in a bottle, counting and recording them.

It reminds me of Jesus telling the disciples that God knew the number of hairs on their head.


It is a curious thing to think of the Creator of the Universe knowing us personally.  Yet that is what scripture tells us, over and over again, that we have an intimacy with God.  I think this is much more mysterious than God knowing the number of hairs on my head.   For me, it is a reminder that we are each connected into the divine energy, connected not only to God but to each other.   In Acts 17:28, Paul says, “For in God, we live and move and have our being.” 


All of our tossings and turnings, all of our tears and fears, are held in the heart of God, tenderly and compassionately.  We are enfolded in God’s love – and we are connected, through God, to each other’s love.


The photo below is of one family’s prayer candles.  They have created a small space, with candles and photos, and light a candle for each of the family members (& you could include friends) that they are praying for and thinking about.  Another way to remember that we are all connected.  Why not create your own prayer corner, if you haven’t already?   It is great for our 10:00 am prayer time each day – or whenever it works for you.


Candle Station 2020


Meanwhile, remember that in the mystery of God’s love we are connected. 

In God’s heart are held all of our tossings and turnings, our tears and fears, counted, blessed and loved.


Thanks be to God,

Rev. David & Rev. Susan



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