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A Message to Connect - March 25, 2020

Grace and Peace to everyone who is part of the HRUC community,


Rev. David writes:

Every morning at 10:00 AM I have been faithfully lighting a candle and praying sometimes with words and sometimes without words—just being, just breathing, just resting in the presence of God.


These moments are very calming amid all my mind’s chatter.  In prayer, I am holding everyone of you in my heart, while at the same time inviting God’s light and love to be within and all around us.  Even though we are apart, we are together.


As I sit in prayer, I find myself drawn to the signs of spring:  warmer sunlight, returning geese and migrating swans, the lilting song of the house finches, and yes… (while we were picking up Noah from U of Lethbridge) two robins flew across the residence parking lot.  In spite of the disturbances all around us, I find comfort in the warming spring sun and maybe that’s because it reminds us all that we are connected with each other and our world.


We are in humbling times and somehow, I feel this is OK.  The wisdom is quite simple.  We are learning how truly inter-dependent we are with each other and with the planet.  We are not supposed to be trying to do everything on our own, whether as individuals, nations or continents.  There is no them or us and we had better get that through our heads and into the territory of our hearts. 


Cyprian of Carthage wrote in 252 CE,

 Many are the light-beams from the one light. 

 Our one light is Jesus. 

 Many are the light-beams from the one light;

 we are one in Christ.


This was Cyprian’s way of helping us remember that we are all connected, that we are one.  It is the message of the mystic who understands that everything is in relationship. This is simply the Christian expression of that. Of course, the same sentiment exists in all spiritual traditions.  Even in our separateness is our togetherness. 


The warming spring sun reminds me and hopefully all of us, that we are from the one light.  We and all things living are from this light and supported by this light.  Early Christians understood that completely and linked solstice sun light with Christ as light.  Light helps us remember who and whose we are—that we are not alone.  That God is with us.  And that in the light, we are together, not a part even as we practice safe physical distancing from each other. 


We invite you to be in the Spring sunlight.  Let it take care of you.  Lean into it.  Let it be a reminder of the Christ light we light each morning and hold for each other.  Know that you are loved.  Know that you are not alone.  Know that we are many light-beams from the one light.


You are in our hearts today,

Rev. David & Rev. Susan

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