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A Message to Connect - March 18 with prayer and scripture ideas

Hello HRUC community & friend,


The phrase that has been running through my mind and spirit the last two days is from the book of Esther:


"For such a time as this!"


Esther, a Jewish woman, has become queen to the Persian King.  She suddenly finds herself in the position to save the Jewish people from persecution.  A wise friend says to her, "Perhaps you have become queen for such a time as this."


Our faith in God, known through the love of Jesus, is meant for a time such as this.  Faith is meant to be our guide and our wisdom in the midst of a such a time.  Don't worry if you feel your faith is lacking - this is an overwhelming time.  Rather than evaluating your faith, lean into your faith and rest in God.  Allow God to bring you a touch of calm in the midst of the chaos.


We practice and nurture our faith during good and easy times - for such a time as this.


Here are two documents that will help us be together even as we are apart:


1. A set of prayers you can use each day. Prayer_for_Extraordinary_Times.pdf


2. A list of the scriptures that Rev. David & I will be reading each day, either here at the church or at home. Scripture_for_Extraordinary_Times_1.pdf


This morning as I lit the candle in the sanctuary and sat in prayer and silence, I imagined the day when we will all be gathered there again, and it brought a smile to my face. I also sent my love out to you through God's network - feeling the energy of the Spirit flow out to you where you were at the moment.  What an amazing gift the Spirit gives us to connect, even when apart!


May God bless and keep you this day, as we continue to journey through this season of uncertainty.


Rev. Susan & Rev. David

High River United Church - a community of help, home & hope



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