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20th Anniversary of United Church Apology for Residential Schools

October 27, 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the United Church’s apology to former students of residential schools, their families, and their communities. These are the words offered by the Moderator, the Right Rev. Dr. Bill Phipps in 1998:

As Moderator of The United Church of Canada, I wish to speak the words that many people have wanted to hear for a very long time. On behalf of The United Church of Canada, I apologize for the pain and suffering that our church’s involvement in the Indian Residential School system has caused. We are aware of some of the damage that this cruel and ill-conceived system of assimilation has perpetrated on Canada’s First Nations peoples. For this we are truly and most humbly sorry. “To those individuals who were physically, sexually, and mentally abused as students of the Indian Residential Schools in which The United Church of Canada was involved, I offer you our most sincere apology. You did nothing wrong. You were and are the victims of evil acts that cannot under any circumstances be justified or excused. “We know that many within our church will still not understand why each of us must bear the scar, the blame for this horrendous period in Canadian history. But the truth is, we are the bearers of many blessings from our ancestors, and therefore, we must also bear their burdens.”


Twenty years since the apology, yet we still are not there yet in terms of the respect, recognition and reconciliation that is needed. Racism is still rampant.  At High River United Church, we are committed to learning from our past, and coming to recognize white privilege and the inherent racism within ourselves and our church. 


Watch in the new year for opportunities, such as The Blanket Exercise, a profound experience that brings new insight into the experiences of the Indigenous Peoples.





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